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KINGMAX 64GB microSD Card: Price Will Be A Problem

May 26, 2022 | Tim Ollason

When it comes to storage in our opinion you can never have too much! We have reported on a few different types of portable storage units in recent times that include the Clickfree C2, the Seagate GoFlex Satellite portable HDD with WiFi streaming and the Super Slim GoFlex also from Seagate. Now we have a smaller device to tell you about.

It’s the KINGMAX 64GB microSD card and we think that Price will be a problem to start with when it is eventually launched. The tiny device has managed a massive amount of storage and the best thing about it is you can fit it into your smartphone so long as your slot is expandable to that dizzy height.

We learned of it through an article over on by their author Nick T where he is explaining that this little chip should hold enough storage for even the biggest digital hoarders out there and that it is class 6. Class 6 basically means that it can read and write at speeds of 48Mbits per second which is pretty impressive.

This tiny chip is set to revolutionize what we carry around with us on smartphones as it will store masses of data, you would be looking at having a maximum of around 2,000 albums or 30,000 digital images. Another way to look at it is you would have around 24 hours of video recording space at 720p, head over to the official press release for the KINGMAX device and have a read.

Do you think the device will be pricey to start with? Let us know your thoughts on the device in the comments section below.

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  • Fernando Renato E Silva

    Great for HD movies on my phone. :)