Kindle vs Nook: Battery Life Made Known, Winner?

Here at OSM we cover a wide range of devices within the tech world. Be it a smartphone, tablet, TV, Blu-Ray player, laptop, the latest headphones and so on. But although we have covered on numerous occasions, the electronic reader such as the Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook, do they really get enough credit with their achievements? Check out a comparison we made at the end of last year between the two in question alongside Apple’s iPad.

Both score highly but judging by our readers comments, the Kindle tends to be the option of choice, but is that all about to change when you hear how the battery life fairs for both. In fact the Nook far outweighs the Kindle in terms of juice and hours supplied.

Over at Engadget, with the WiFi option taken away, it seems the Nook will provide up to 150 hours of use if turning a page every minute. Compare this to the Kindle with a much lower 56 hours. Massive difference you would agree!

To enable both devices to be tested fairly, Engadget carried out an experiment. To achieve the results listed above, the Kindle and Nook were placed under the same conditions and used continuously for the same amount of time. Following on from this, both devices were tested for continuous page use, and the results became clear. Turning the page every second, ended up with the new Nook giving some 25,000 continuous page turns on a single charge.

What are your thoughts on the Kindle and Nook? Have you got a preference or are you still toying with which one to get? I would be interested to hear your comments as I am in a dilemma as to which one to get for my daughter.