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E3 2011 What’s Likely: Sony’s NGP Focus, PSN Outage Factor?

May 26, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

With the E3 2011 gaming event to kick off on the 7th June ending on the 9th, its a job to report at this early stage what we can expect to see. Rumors have been rife with news of a new Wii 2 console from Nintendo coming, news of Sony’s NGP along with new game titles including Wipeout, but no doubt many are holding out hope that a new PS4 may be announced although highly unlikely.

Today in an interesting article over at, Kevin Gifford has spoken about what Senior analyst Eiji Maeda for SMBC predicts may be coming to the popular yearly event. With the 3 big players, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft within the building, all will be fighting for the attendees attention.

If we start off in order with Nintendo, the biggie for them will no doubt be the next Wii console. As Maeda stated, “The Wii was a success because of the make-people-smile aspect of it that is such a key part of Nintendo’s goals, so it’s likely the new system will follow similar lines.” In relation to Nintendo’s smaller 3DS console, despite sales performance being lower than expected and news from the beginning of health concerns, Maeda has stated that with the introduction of some new titles such as Animal Crossing, Mario Kart and so on, this should push sales to that all important figure of 16 million 3DS consoles being sold this year.

For us, Sony and its NGP will no doubt be a huge talking point, not just in terms of what the new device will offer its gamers, but whether the electronic giants will be able to come back from the recent PSN outage. The general consensus around that time was that gamers had lost the trust element with Sony. In order to promote their new console and for consumers to show any interest, Maeda feels that some big gaming titles will need to be showcased. During the entire outage, we not only gave you up-to-date information as to when the service was likely to resume, but we asked whether Sony would come back from the security breach and if it would have a detrimental effect on future devices such as the PS4, S1 and S2 tablets that are on the way.

Last but definitely not least is that of Microsoft. No doubt the emphasis this year will be on the Kinect centric. As Maeda pointed out, “The Kinect has been a success in the US and Europe, and I think that topic will be the main focus of their presence.” There hasn’t been any really revolutionary software released for it since launch.”

What are your thoughts on E3 and the 3 big players? Tell us what you are hoping to see? Can Sony come back from the PSN outage with the new NGP?

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  • Anonymous

    Nintendo=Wii2, more mario, zelda, metroid…yawn
    MS= Halo, Kinect, Gears of War, meh