Teacher Loses Tenure Due To Inappropriate Facebook Posts

As great as Facebook is it seems that teachers would be better off to stay clear from using all of the services that the social networking site has to offer, we have brought you an abundance of stories in the past about these individuals badmouthing their students and even mocking their hairstyles.

Although students also find themselves in trouble due to their choice of comments this latest story were bringing you involves yet another teacher, due to their inappropriate Facebook posts this teacher has just lost his tenure.

According to this post from Allfacebook.com Florida based Charles Willis has just recently been dismissed from his role as a high school drama teacher after a seven month battle to clear his name. Willis was set to be given the boot following complaints about the inappropriate language that he used on his Facebook page to which his students had access.

The 43-yearold who has been in the Manatee school district for the last ten years supposedly friended up to 120 students of his high school, although following scrutiny by many of these students he then proceeded to privatize his account.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think that a teacher friending their students on social networking sites like Facebook is overstepping the mark?

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