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SplitFish FragFX Shark: Xbox 360 - FPS Games Get Easier

May 25, 2022 | Tim Ollason

We have reported previously on a few different types of input device for the Xbox 360 such as the Razer ONZA in two editions, one of them being a jacked up version of the other. The other gaming pad that we have added an article about is the customized Marvel Fighting pad that’s perfect for the beat ‘em up style games with buttons moving from the back of the device to its face.

Now we have a new kind of Xbox 360 gaming peripheral to talk to you about, it’s called the SplitFish FragFX Shark that looks to make FPS games become easier especially for those who used to play the classics on the PC such as Counter-Strike 1.6 who haven’t quite been able to adapt to using the controller in the same way.

This device is designed for right handers and there are two parts to it, there’s the left hand control which has a stick and D-Pad present for moving around and then the mouse for taking aim and blowing your friends heads off! On the side of the mouse there are the normal buttons that you would find on an Xbox 360.

We first learned of it through an article over on Engadget by their author Sean Buckley who points out its main flaw of having to have a cabled Xbox 360 controller plugged into the USB port but also says that if your faith in mouse superiority is strong then you may forgive the aesthetics. You can learn more about it from the official website or alternatively head to their press room. If you are already impressed enough then you can proceed with pre-ordering the device.

What do you think of the device? Do you think Call of Duty would be easier with a mouse? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • jamiester2

    looks cool, but I have a XIM3