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HTC EVO 3D Bootloader Locked: Galaxy S2 Head Start

May 25, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

With interest still rising in relation to HTC’s new EVO 3D and many of you racing out to pre-order your handset, news has come through today that may be about to change your minds about the new kid on the block!

Although the new HTC includes some pretty fantastic specs which we will refresh you on in one second, news has come from via Android Police, that the EVO 3D carried by Sprint, will be released with a locked bootloader similar to its neighbour the HTC Sensation, which coincidentally also includes secure kernel images and locked recovery mode.

Indeed many new owners of the EVO 3D will not even by phased by the news, but in basic terms having the inclusion of a locked bootloader, will mean that it will be difficult to place ROMs, recoveries on you new handset to jazz it up.

Good news may be on the horizon, as early this morning news filtered through from Richard Lai at Engadget, that HTC will be looking into the current bootloader situation. They have gone as far as to put an announcement on Facebook saying its “reviewing the issue and our policy around bootloaders.”

With this in mind, will this now pave the way forward for the Samsung Galaxy S2, although judging by our readers comments, the handset doesn’t need any extra help, its doing ok by itself.

To refresh you with the EVO 3D specs, we can tell you that it will include a 4.3-inch qHD display, Android 2.3 OS, 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core processor, two 5MP cameras, 1.3MP camera to the front, video recording in either 2D or 3D and so on. Check out a comparison we made between the new Sharp Aquos SH-12C and the HTC EVO 3D.

What are your thoughts on the new HTC EVO 3D and Samsung Galaxy S2? Does the situation of a locked bootloader deter you from buying the HTC?

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  • Dannyjayfuller

    Not really. I'm stuck with the EVO 3D because it'll be the only dual-core on Sprint come June 8, when my fiancee, my mom and I all run away from T-Mo. Besides, how bad can it be? The Droid X and Droid 2 are seeing decent dev support now, aren't they? Plus, with Sense 3.0 and Gingerbread, I'm pretty sure my list of reasons to root is going to be much smaller then it was when I bought my used g1 running the official DMD64 update. Of course, I will be jumping on the GS2 bandwagon if it's out by July 8. 30 day return policy, dont'cha know.

  • free2allnew

    It might look like there's a lot of development on the Moto phones but there really isn't anything happening, other then looks.

    No access to the Kernal means the roms are just slight changes to the stock rom. If there's issues or you want to speed up the phone, you can't.

    Believe me…. If any Android phone does funky stuff, you need fixed ASAP or you want the latest greatest OS, say MIUI, ASOP, CynogenMod …. Maybe even ICS b4 it's released by the manufacture; you'll need the phone unlocked.

    For me, if a Phone can't be unlocked, I'm going somewhere else. The worst part about this is that I swore I would not get another Samsung phone, but it now looks like I will need to eat my words and get the Galaxy S 2.

  • Waitingforupdates

    Will hold onto the Evo 4g for now. Some other phone will come out with unlocked bootloader. If you can't take off the spamware and make YOUR investment what you want… Keep it.