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Amazing COD MW3 Premiere Trailer Storms YouTube

May 24, 2022 | Matt Tran

After a week of painfully exciting waiting, the first ever look at Modern Warfare 3 is finally here! The premiere trailer was first announced on MW3′s Facebook page a week ago, which we recommended you join to stay updated with the latest news.

The stunning action packed trailer which you can see embedded below in all of its glory, was aired during half time of the Western Conference Finals on ESPN, as we reported. The exciting news was announced a week ago and Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling posted a link to the HD trailer on YouTube as soon as it became available, through his Twitter feed.

The trailer was surprisingly long as we expected more of a teaser opposed to a minute and a half cinematic gameplay version, but who are we to complain? You will see action from scenes in the 4 countries featured in the first teasers; America, England, France and Germany. In my eyes the world premiere was well worth the wait with an amazing looking game set to grace our games consoles this November. Look out in the trailer for the return of the AC-130 and what looks to be the Black Ops version of the chopper gunner amongst other things, will they return as killstreak rewards?

As we have said before, the real war of this year is going to be the tussle between MW3 and Battlefield 3, and we have been very interested to hear your thoughts on this issue. From the feedback so far, gamers have slightly preferred the look of Battlefield, but has this changed after watching the MW3 reveal? We would like to hear from you again on this so feel free to leave us your thoughts and expectations in the comments section.

Huge fans of the game including myself, stayed up extra late to watch the premiere which was uploaded here at a little past 1am UK time. The trailer will undoubtedly go viral and rack up millions of viewings within the next few days. The social media triangle of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have really helped the publicity of Call Of Duty, showing how powerful these sort of connections can be in the gaming industry. Will social media help the game to be the best ever seen in the series?

It is inevitable that we will hear and see more detail at the E3 event next month, with another trailer expected to be released before the game’s launch on November 8th. Some site’s such as Amazon and Play are already taking pre-orders so follow the links to secure your copy now! At OSM we welcome your feedback so leave us all of your thoughts, ideas and complaints about the premiere trailer and the whole of MW3 in the comments section below this article.

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  • butthole


  • chris

    its freakin awsome!!!!!

  • David

    Looks amazing. I can't wait for all the haters to say "I'm not getting it." Yeah right, you know are.

  • Luke

    Battlefield 3 blows this garbage out of the water.

  • Michael

    I stayed up playing double xp on black ops until just after 1am, checked my twitter and saw the trailer for MW3 so watched it over the iphone and my god I was amazed. Looking forward to playing both BF3 and MW3 to compare.

  • derek

    looks like the same shitty engine. So same game, same graphics, different setting, nothing new….ill wait for BF3

  • Mike

    Trailer looks awesome! Hopefully the killstreaks will have the nuke or something cool, some of the guns from mw2 are in mw3. Looks like there were Valkyrie rockets in the vid, the ac-130 and chopper gunner looks like it has improved.

  • Joe

    You haven’t played any of the 2, to be able to compare so STFU you retard.

  • patrick

    no no no this game isint garbage ur ur battlefield is so shut up b4 i quick scope u in mw3 if u get it nd add me

  • Mike

    i hope the exploits on multi player r fixed i.e; quick scopes, noob tubes, marathon + lightweight + commando = "i am a tool" and the nuke is retarded black ops killstreaks were good. maybe add the customizable features like the titles emblems maybe even an entire character? the campaigns are good but the meat of the game is multi player. perhaps uploadable emblems? what do you guys want to c in the new online play?

  • Ben21

    I’ve pre ordered bot BF3 and MW3. Think both will be great but I will say that BF3 looks to have better graphics.

  • alec

    they both look good to me , hope mw3 s availible on ps3.

  • Lolzor

    u cant compare BF3 and mw3 BF is a game where it doesnt matter if u fail, u just die in a chopper boo-hoo, but in mw3 say in Snd if ur up for a 1 v 2 and u fail..u loose, mw3 is fast paced shooter and BF3 is jut a slow.. hangaround shooter, both games are nice but skill depends more in mw3 than in BF. in BF u just sit in a tank and spray.. yay..

  • brian badonde


  • Billy

    or in MW you can just run around like a tool with marathon pro, light weight and commando and a knife, without ever stopping or slowing down, yeah pure skill that innit….In battlefieldm, if your a sniper you have to take into account bullet drop at distance and actualyl think about what youre doing, in MW, sure you have to hold your breather but the bullet flys like its coming out of a rail gun… theres no bullet drop whatsover, its ridiculous.

  • CPT-SCryer

    your are so right, COD is about skill BF3 people just fool around and dont do shit

  • Haloooooo

    although i like halo a lot better than cod, i must say, this looks amazing, but i still think halo is better :P

  • Chriswrites

    Last time I bought MW2 and this happened -

  • Gansta

    are you kidding me, your a tank noob. Go play your kiddy MW3. I’ll go play my Bf3. And you can’t compare a new game engine with an old one used 10 billion times before. Fag.

  • black opss

    mw3 is gonna be raw

  • Philipmorris

    who invited all these BF3 fanboys to the forum

  • BGOD3

    This looks the Nu!s. It could be good it could be very good as it looks the bees knees. It could still fail based on the whole conection issues that Black Opps had, the only saving grace was zombies. I never had a problem with MW2 even now altough MW3 could be compared to BF3 as thats EA and there servers are just as bad. Infinty ward come back!

  • Djdnff

    Wow really you saying that just shows your ignorance. In call of duty I have no problem going 40-2 in matches but in battlefield that’s a different story. If you just run out in the open in battlefield 3 you get shot. If you give away your position by a parachute you get shot. In cod you have the pansy little aku and if its not that gun it’s the noobtoobs. Black ops has horrible graphics it was the biggest let down of my life.

  • Oli

    love the MW3 and BF3 Banter!!! BF2 modern combat was fantatic, bad company 1 and 2 i hated(just my opinion). Cant wait for BF3 or MW3. Both will be great games and i know i will wast my hard earned pounds on both!!!!!

  • InYourFace

    BF3 is for little kids, who cry and punch girls cos they got killed, then they film themselves doing this and put it on youtube cos they think they are cool…..MW3 will slap BF3 in the face and make it their bitch. BF3 players = failures in life (FACT)

  • Marcus

    Are you stupid, you can do the same thing in BF, its just that the knife detection in all BF games is total garbage. Oh and the reason why you have to account for distance in BF is because the maps are too damn huge and retarded. They are a way lot smaller in MW. i had bad company 2 and i was unstoppable, i can get 30+ kills a game, but in COD i can get 60+ a game. Huge difference.

  • nuger

    Infinity Ward does a much better job than Treyarch. I will admit, the palyercards were sweet, but the flamethrowers sucked. The nuketubes are cheap enough. Keep the FAMAS and we're good to go.

  • Anonymous

    HEY faggot above me :) i perfer BF over COD but it doesnt mean i go around saying babyish thing like what your saying about BF and its players. Btw not manny kids play BF it must be why i only hear the kids screem on COD

  • Jordan

    Looks Great If you guys could come check out my channel and Sub that Would be a big help THANK YOU

  • Mark Bond

    Can’t believe the crap people write on this forum. Anyone with eyes can see how much more advanced the bf3 engine is. Of corse that doesn’t make the gameplay better. However, I personally preferred bf2 and bfbc2 multiplayer over cod multiple but cod single over bfbc2 single.

  • almight_scott

    ye looks like probs isnt , infinity ward went bust so nautydog helped then so it probs will be a different engine …. and there nout wrong with the graphics wen ou use a HDMI lead

  • cameron

    Like both bf and cod. I just play cod because i like the fast pacing. Graphics arent important to me and i never really thought about cod having bad graphics until people in this forum brought it up they always seemed fine to me

  • Dave

    Are you kidding me? MW3 looks like garbage, its the same damn graphics as the last two games.

    Infinity Ward got gutted this game is going to blow.

  • Dave

    I think this comment is completely false.