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Sony PSN Outage Saga Depicted: Financial Damage - Surprised?

May 23, 2022 | Debbie Turner

The Sony PSN hacking and outage saga which recently led to 77 million users’ accounts being compromised has been well-documented and we posted many articles throughout the debacle. While the crisis was ongoing we asked about the possible financial costs to Sony and now we have news of a fascinating infographic that shows how the incident unfolded and the financial damage calculated.

Since the PSN was up-and-running we’ve still posted more information, such as the new 3.61 update leading to some PS3’s freezing, a password reset blunder and most recently when the PlayStation Store may be back. News of the infographic came to us from Charlie White over on Mashable and it was created by using data from the Ponemon Institute. Looking at the information and data in infographic form somehow makes it easier to digest and the incident is referred to as the most “significant digital theft in history”, which would be difficult to argue with.

At the beginning there’s a timeline starting on April 19, the date that Sony first discovered the fact that “unplanned and unusual activity” was taking place on the PlayStation Network. The timeline winds through several more dates before we get to Sony offering it’s deep regret and a welcome back package and then on May 13 Sony announced U.S. sales figures. You can see the full infographic next.

As you can see we then come to details of the financial cost of the security breach. For example the cost of the breach was $318 per customer involved and that was a 48% rise on the cost of a previous breach. The potential total cost is calculated at $24 billion although Sony’s total revenue for last year was a whopping $77.5 billion so we can’t help thinking that although this issue was certainly a big blow to Sony, the company will certainly bounce back. Rather amusingly the infographic ends with a figure bound and blindfolded to represent Houdini, the subject of a Sony biopic project, and asks if Sony might pick up some tips.

Now that the outcry over the PSN outage is beginning to die down we’d like to know your response to what happened, and of course to this infographic. Do any of the figures surprise you? Why not let us know with your comments.

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