Mango Launch tomorrow With 500 New Features & New WP7 Handsets

A big part of us here at OSM really feel for the owners of Windows Phone 7 devices, it seems the last few months have really not been to kind to you. First you had to deal with the problems that entailed with the NoDo update, and then you had to wait before you could even play Angry Birds on your handsets.

It seems your hard times maybe finally over, if you cast your minds back a few weeks ago you may remember Debbie Turner talking about the release date of the eagerly awaited Mango update. Well it looks as though the day is finally almost here and the Mango launch looks set for tomorrow, with the update comes talks over up to 500 new features and even some new WP7 handsets.

According to a recent post from Ubergizmo-which you can read here- Microsoft’s big dog Steve Ballmer recently gave away a few details about the upcoming update during his presentation during the Japan Microsoft Developer Forum. Ballmer claims that we will see more than 500 new features, one of which will be expanded language support.

The Mango update is not the only good news for fans of Windows Phone 7, there are also talks that there may also be a new selection of 9 or more handsets. These devices are thought to be from a range of manufacturers such as HTC, Dell, Samsung and Acer.

We have embedded a video below that shows Ballmer giving his talk in Japan, were sorry about the quality of the clip.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you been waiting for the mango update? Do you think the new features and handsets could be worth the wait?

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  • Andy

    Its about time,although until I see it I won't believe it. the fact that microsoft released a phone that was not fit for purpose in the first place is a disgrace, given my time again ie not in contract, I would go for andriod or Iphone every day of the week.

  • Aaron

    ALL I care about is SMS Back Up whether it be via Zune or another Cloud type software. Get THIS sorted and I'll always be Windows Phone as I LOVE my Mozart, don't get it sorted then I'll look for something else.