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Loopt “Groupon Now” Deals For The Here And Now

May 23, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Groupon, popular for its “deals of the day” has now joined forces with location-based social networking site Loopt, in a bid to bring more deals onto the current mobile app. Puzzled by what this means?

In basic terms, Groupon well known for giving online daily-deal coupons, will now be benefiting their customers further by alerting them to nearby discounts depending on where they are currently located. According to, using Loopt’s mobile phone app along with up to date location information, users will now get alerts issued to their handset of where the nearest retailer is offering freebies or discounted purchases, one example of this is food that may need to be sold due to its date.

Groupon Now will be accessible to a greater audience of people, and as mashable reported, will benefit plenty of businesses as well especially in the current economic climate. Customers will be drawn to on the day discounts, therefore in the long run, allowing people in the future to return to the store.

As Sam Altman, Co-Founder and CEO of Calif based Loopt said, “If technology can help bring together customers that are getting discounts and local businesses that have perishable inventory, thats a win for everybody. The customer gets a discount and the merchant gets revenues that would otherwise be totally lost.”

Tell us what you think about the new collaboration? Are you a fan of Groupon or Loopt?

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  • bessiesnow

    Did you watch the "Extreme Couponing" show they should have featured "Printapons" which I use and print coupons from online