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Galaxy S2 vs Droid Bionic’s New And Improved Features, Winner?

May 23, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

With the smartphone competition list continually hotting up, two of the big contenders, the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Motorola Droid Bionic are set to cause a storm this year. We know that the Galaxy S2 is still awaiting an official release date in the US and for the Droid Bionic, several new enhancements are expected before its launch, but it hasn’t stopped us looking at the two in question, particularly that of the Bionic with its rumored new features.

Over recent months, we have recognised the huge interest in both handsets, and we have brought you the latest up to date information be it, change in specs, possible prices and release dates, speed tests for the Galaxy S2, name changes and so on. So with a fair few of you knowing what the new Samsung will include, we turn our attention to the Droid Bionic.

Just a matter of days ago, our very own Debbie looked at how the Bionic would be affected if it carries on being delayed. Due to be released on the big red network Verizon, the Droid may now not only have competition to deal with from other Verizon 4G LTE phones but also new devices on AT&T’s LTE expanding network. In terms of new possible enhancements, have stated that the Bionic may include a change in CPU, form factor updates and so on which as Motorola reported, “will bring a better consumer experience.”

If we look at the specs that were initially reported, the Droid Bionic is to include a 1GHz dual-core processor which got everybody talking, 4.3-inch qHD display, 512MB RAM, 8MP rear camera matching that of the Galaxy S2 and running on Android’s Froyo OS.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S2 will be including a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 1.2GHz dual-core, bigger 1024MB RAM, same 8MP camera to the rear and 2MP to the front beating off the Bionic’s 0.3MP. The one feature that already puts the Galaxy S2 ahead of its neighbor is that it will be running with the faster Android Gingerbread OS.

At this stage of the game, yes the Sammy phone wins but what will happen if and when the Droid Bionic makes its fine entrance, with possible faster processor, possible change in OS, better battery and news of a bigger and better front camera?

Let us know your thoughts. Are you holding out for the new Galaxy S2 or waiting for the Droid Bionic? What new enhancements will help to tempt you?

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  • Rageboardr

    First phone wins. I have been waiting since before the Thunderbolt for the dual core LTE phone. With specs so similar i will buy the first to market.

  • Brianb13

    How can you say the Galaxy S2 wins? It loses because it is NOT a 4G LTE phone like the Bionic is. The S 2 may or may not have a faster processor and the Bionic's screen resolution will be higher. The Bionic could have a better camera as well. I won't even consider a phone that is not 4G LTE.

  • jasper

    None of us know what upgrades the bionic will get, speculation is more ram, better processor. But regardless, I for one have no desire to be stuck with a 3g phone for the next two years. So any phone that doesn’t end with 4G LTE is going to be completely ignored no matter what the specs. Bionic will be my next phone if I stay with verizon. If not then t-mobile will get my business.

  • guest

    The End of Waiting My "EYE"!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    still waiting for the bionic WTF

  • tyler

    When is the bionic going to be released?

  • Willard Potter

    Exactly my thoughts. I've spent the better part of two years with my Droid 1 and have loved it, but considering the 4G LTE network being active for months now, I don't think I'd bother considering anything less. My upgrade is at the end of August, so… I'm hoping for the Bionic to be released by then. Even with potentially lower specs, I'm not considering another 3G phone for two years. Though… If a comparitive device were to pop up with everything stock, I'd forget about both and go for that.. lol

  • Pat C

    I agree, it it's not 4G LTE, why bother…..and be stuck for 2 years.

  • Zerk

    I would be surprised if Bionic launched with Froyo and not GB. Would leave most scratching our heads thinking, why?

  • bk23

    Ummm, read the article, the galaxy s2 IS a 4G phone. The article is talking about how the droid bionic will soon have competition with other 4G phones, namely the Samsung. 15 seconds on google will confirm that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a 4G phone.

  • steve

    who will carry the Galaxy S II?

  • cecilio

    I like to hold for the Bionic My Contract is off allready 6 moths ago if Verizon Do not have this phone at a month orso I will sight up with other carrier to get a nice phone

  • Thebum

    i want a better camera at least 1.3mp and at least 1gb ram !!!!!!!!

  • Mike B.

    I’ll wait for theBionic. I want the dual cameras and 4G is coming soon but certainly within the life of a 2 year contract. The other big issue is that the worst phone I ever owned was a Samsung - bad voice recognition and I use a bluetooth ear piece, alarm and other tools stopped working, etc. So for me it will bethe motorola or HTC with dual cameras (Skype) and the latest technology.

  • Jim S.

    I've been waiting for this darn device for over 5 months. At this point I am more ticked off at the fact the stinking RED is discontinuing the unlimited data plan. By the way, I HATE MY THUNDERBOLT!!! The battery life is incredibly DISAPPOINTING!!!

  • Ken

    Nowhere in the article does it say it's a 4G phone. Google doesn't say so definitively either. If you have a link to back it up, post it. The articles I've read state that it's probably NOT going to be 4G. At best it will be HSPA+, which is not the same as LTE 4G and is much slower than the LTE the Bionic will be carrying. The S2 is way too thin to be a LTE phone.

  • Andy

    I agree. I like the bionic, but I’m paying through the nose for Verizon. I may take a loss and pay the contract break to switch carriers if they have a phone as good as either of these two. Verizon nickel and dimes you to death.

  • JibJab

    At this point the Bionic is no where to be seen, and no one seems to know when it may actually appear.

    My guess is it won't show up until After big red goes to tiered pricing.

    I'll look at the Charge and the LG Revolution and see how things go with them. The T-Bolt was interesting, but battery life is horrible.

    At this point 4g isn't that wide spread either, so i'm still willing to look at 3g phones and then 2 yrs down the road see whats on the market.

  • Calvinist

    I doubt that the Bionic will release without GB. They’ve waited this long. Why not make sure it’s out the door with it. Heck, it’s coming to the DX and others soon anyway.

    I have LOVED my DX since I bought it. Waiting to get the Bionic but even the X2 doesn’t seem too bad for the price. I know it’s alot like the X but with dual core and a qHD screen for $200? Not bad.

  • David

    This just in… Your all homo's

  • Derek Bros

    “to the front beating off the Bionic’s 0.3MP.” Beating off eh? Freudian slip much? ROFL

  • Derek Bros

    “to the front beating off the Bionic’s 0.3MP.” Beating off eh? Freudian slip much? ROFL

  • Derek Bros

    “to the front beating off the Bionic’s 0.3MP.” Beating off eh? Freudian slip much? ROFL