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Apple iPhone 5: Curved Glass Handset A Possibility

May 23, 2022 | Mike Smith

Here at OSM we have written what seems to be an infinite amount of posts about Apple’s iPhone 5, we have been covering all the latest news and speculation regarding one of the most anticipated handsets of the year. Recently Debbie Turner talked about the iPhone 5 being released as a global phone, this release maybe far away though due to a recent fire at a Foxconn plant where the IOS devices were made.

Following the long line of rumors and speculation we have already brought you we have yet more news on this illusive device, according to recent news Apple could possibly adopt a curved glass cover for its next generation of handsets.

This latest twist in the iPhone 5 saga comes to us courtesy of Digitimes, in their post-which you can read here-they talk about how sources claim that Apple have recently purchased 200-300 glass cutting machines. These machines which are to be used by glass makers are currently being stored at associated assembly plants, it’s thought that they will be brought online once Apple manage to increase yield rates for the production to a satisfactory level.

It’s still unclear what type of design the company might go for, although this latest news according to Macrumors disregards all recent claims that the iPhone 5 was to adopt a similar design to the iPhone 4. You can read more on this by following this link over to their post.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you like the iPhone 5 to feature a new curved design? Or would you want it be designed similar to the iPhone 4?

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