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Apple iPad 2: Drop Test With & Without Smart Cover - Video

May 23, 2022 | Tim Ollason

One thing that we love to see at OSM is things being smashed up into tiny smithereens or a device being put through its paces to see if its aesthetics can stand up to any form of punishment. Of course beating up your brand new tablet isn’t really advised so checking out articles like this will save you the trouble.

So all you Apple haters out there, this is one that we are sure you will enjoy much like you did when the iPad 2 was put into a blender it’s the Apple iPad 2 drop test with and without the smart cover. We first sighted this in an entry over on iClarified where they talk a little about if you have ever wondered the effect of dropping your iPad 2.

Firstly without the cover, the iPad is dropped from waist height face down flat onto the glass screen, they then turn the Apple branded tablet back over to see what the damage is. They all gasp at the damage that has been inflicted on the brand new device; the screen is smashed pretty much all over and doesn’t look particularly healthy.

The other iPad 2 is dropped from the same height right next to its decimated brother but with its hard protective smart cover on. They pick up the covered iPad, turn it over and pull back the case to reveal the screen still fully intact which is greeted by quiet “woaaaws.” They then compare the two to give you a comparison.

They then look to extend the drop test to a greater height, they move onto shoulder height to see if it can withstand the drop. The iPad 2 falls toward the concrete slabs and hits it hard on its shiny screen with the smart cover in front of it only it moves off slightly, the magnets can’t have been strong enough in this case. When they turn it over there’s a few lines going across the tablet but it’s not to the extent of its broken brother. These guys are ruthless and definitely want to see the device’s demise so move on to taking a swing at it with a golf club… Game over! You can view the video at the bottom of the article.

What do you think of the smart cover? An essential buy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Adam S

    Awesome video, it's a lot stronger than I would have guessed. For those of us without iPad 2s, has anyone had success anywhere besides the Apple Store and I haven't had much luck, but I don't think there are any better options.