Another Facebook Scam: Have You Heard Of HCG diet?

In the last few months here at OSM we have seen a dramatic increase in scams and malware exploding onto Facebook, in the past we have brought you news on the Facebook dislike button scam and the verify my account scam.

Its scams and malware like these that can lead to people having their private information stolen and maybe even conned out of thousands, another Facebook scam that is currently circulating its way around the social network is the HCG diet.

According to if you see the image below posted on your wall or in a friends newsfeed then chances are they have been hacked, or have a rogue Facebook application installed. This posting has been seen many times, nearly every time the account holder that the post is coming from claims that they didn’t post it and they don’t know how it happened.

Once the wall link is clicked on you will be re-directed to somewhere that looks like the image below, here it would appear the scammers are taking control of users accounts and re-spamming this message to the account holders friends. It’s not known how legitimate the product is that they are trying to get you to buy, if it was that great though then they wouldn’t have to resort to these tactics to sell it.

If you have somehow managed to get yourself caught up in this or any other scam don’t worry, just follow this link through to a post by Tim Ollason. Here he will take you through a step by step guide on how to remove these unwanted pages from your profile.

Do you think Facebook should do more to stop things like this happening?

Let us know your thoughts below

  • l.heal

    why is no-one publicly saying that this wasn’t a marketing technique then? :S

  • Priceyboy60

    I cannot even belive that Valerie Cuevas would even try and sell herself on here! This is to report this nasty veil spam - unbelieveable!