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Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) vs HTC Sensation Battle: Extended War

May 22, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Here at OSM we’ve been keeping you informed about two of the most impressive new handsets, the Samsung Galaxy S II (or S2) and the HTC Sensation. Both of these Android smartphones have a lot of good things going for them but in the battle of the Samsung Galaxy S II or the HTC Sensation, which handset will eventually win the extended war?

We’ve posted countless articles on both of these smartphones and recent posts about the Galaxy S II have included a review roundup, some sound and battery accessories, the display compared to the original Galaxy S and also news on name changes for when the phone sees its US release. For the HTC Sensation some recent posts include news of a June release date, an unboxing and a look at the Sensation vs. the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo, so hit the links if you want to read more on any of those aspects.

As a brief recap of specs for these two handsets we can tell you that both the Galaxy S II and the HTC Sensation run on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS, both have a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and both feature an 8-megapixel rear camera. Both also have a 4.3-inch display, the Galaxy S II features a Super AMOLED Plus display while the HTC Sensation has a qHD display. There really are a lot of similarities between these two notable smartphones and Chris Davies over on Slash Gear has looked closely at both and given a comparison.

For physical appearance Davies notes that the HTC Sensation has a better feel in the hand than the Galaxy S II and simply feels of higher quality. Both displays are excellent and although the Galaxy S II has a lower resolution than the Sensation the Super AMOLED Plus display has gathered a lot of very positive press. Color-wise the colors pop out more and are more saturated on the Galaxy S II making those on the Sensation seem “subdued-in-comparison.” A streaming trailer on the Sensation made for particularly decent viewing although if you want to use your phone outdoors often, then visibility outdoors on the Galaxy S II was better.

Looking at the performance of the two handsets it’s early days but the Galaxy S II was felt to be better scoring 3504 in total using benchmark tools and 7119 for the CPU while the Sensation scored 2245 and 5918 for the CPU. You can see more about this on a video at the Slash Gear link above. Ultimately it was felt to be a little too early to say if the Sensation could win the ultimate war and more will be known after full reviews have been given but for now it seems that both are remarkable Android smartphones and it will probably come down to personal choice as to which is best for you.

What are your thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S II and the HTC Sensation. What would persuade you to choose one of these handsets over the other? Will it come down to price or choice of carriers? Let us know with your comments.

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  • greg

    design over performance first. i go with sensation

  • Zomby

    It's Galaxy S II all the way for me. The sAmoled+ display, the faster GPU, the massive storage space and the excellent cameras are what tips the balance for me.

  • Abby

    Locked bootloader on the Sensation :(

  • hubee

    Not even a question, Galaxy S II for sure…

  • 20degrees

    "You have an iPhone?" "No it's a samsung." "Why's it look just like the iPhone?" " Idk."

    That's will be what's said when people carry the samsung.

    HTC has a way better design imo.

  • John

    GS2 wins in : Battery Life, Camera (video and photo), Ram, Internal Storage, Performance, Smoothness, Web Browsing, Flash, Front facing Camera (2MP vs VGA), Speakerphone quality, Screen technology (better and adjustable colour and contrast), unlocked bootloader.

    Senations wins in: Metal use (partially) - controversial cuz heavier, resolution, Sense UI - controversial cuz laggy and resource hog (uses almost 400mb of ram leaving less than 200 for users).

    Who do you think will win?

  • jsmith

    HTC sensation with new sense is unbeatable

  • Dave

    Lean toward the Samsung, but don't know when to expect it's arrival.

  • david

    Have samsung. It's great. Shimples!

  • Pauly

    GPS on Samsung is not accurate. Returned SGS. Bought the SGS2. GPS issues again and returned it. Can't wait for Sensation!

  • Jon

    The Sensation is a pile of garbage. Might as well compare the Galaxy S II to a Blackberry 9800.

  • Tame

    Advantages of getting a Sensation over a Galaxy S II: none

    Laughed at this review as comparing a Sensation to a Galaxy S II is like comparing a Ford Pinto to a Dodge Viper.

  • Kyle

    Samsung Galaxy S II. The HTC looks incredibly ugly.

  • Speagle

    I own the HTC and my partner owns the Galaxy S 2, After many hours of comparing, apart from the obvious differences, ie memory etc,, ive found that the Speaker on the HTC is terrible compared to the samsung galaxy, apart from that both phones are excellent but….the samsung does look exactly like the iphone, why? to be ridiculed by iphone users as its poor clone? samsung could of made it a bit more original but it is still a lovely looking phone all the same,
    Build quality of the HTC is definately better as it feels a lot more solid then the samsung and its a nice curvy shape, not a slab. Shame about the speaker quality though. Even voice calls are 'metallic' sounding, have even tried a couple of sound quality widgets, just made it worse.
    Overall tho, the HTC (even though its lacking in comparison to the technical advantages of the samsung) is still a great phone and its original. Im going to keep mine for sure.

  • Dwight

    O.o… I love how all the htc fanboys can say is it looks better… I personally like the design of the gs2, more professional unless your an exec…

  • OMI

    HTC will only win in software but in raw power is like a junk

  • piglet

    galaxy s2 is super phone. great powerful. gs2 touchwiz is better than sensation.

  • Neil

    I was totally blown away when my friend showed me his Desire HD way back in the middle of last year. At the time, I had an iPhone 3G, which thanks to the money hungry b*stards at Apple making me download an os that iPhone couldn't handle (no doubt in an attempt to make me upgrade to an iPhone 4), was running really sluggishly. The Desire HD on the other hand was blisteringly fast, had an EPIC camera (comparatively at the time) and Android just blew me away; my days with iOS were over.
    When I heard rumours about the Pyramid, I knew it was the one for me. But then the SGS2 came along and I changed my mind. Suddenly, all the flashy weather apps just looked like MASSIVE overkill and, to be frank, a little juvenile. But in the end, I ordered the SGS2 because the Sensation doesn't work on Telstra's NextG network and there won't be a model that does for sometime yet to come.

  • janee

    both looks so good right now, but at the moment, galaxy s2 for me
    though… if sensation gets released first, i might have to rethink about it

  • Lucas

    I have the SG II and I love it.

    I spent a while playing with both phones in the shop (in UK), and I actually prefer the look of the SG II - more minimal, and thinner. But maybe I like it as I had an iPhone before.

    Anyway I love the colours on the SG II screen and the simplicity of the interface (closer to vanilla Android). The better camera and video will also come in handy.

    I am surprised that there is so much debate. SG II wins for me.

  • Kev

    SGSII spoiled by looking like an iPhone clone made out of cheap plastic. Typical of Samsung.

  • observer

    IM an HTC fan boi but looking at both specs, surely samsung won me this time. i just hope samsung will come up with a neat ui design, no wonder iphone users tags samsung as iphone clone.

  • abc

    "You have a Samsung TV?" "No it's a LG." "Why's it look just like samsung TV?" " Idk."

  • dawodmohannad2

    thank you very much
    I would like to see a buttery life comparison because this is a very crucial matter
    and what about the touch screen? is it the same in both of them or on has the advantage over the other?