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Hoping for an iPhone 5 Release Surprise? Don’t Bother

May 22, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We have written countless articles now with news and speculation about the Apple iPhone 5 and although the next-generation iPhone was originally anticipated for June more recently there have been rumors about a fall appearance, or even a delay until 2012. There were still many people though, who were hoping those rumors were incorrect and that Apple would give everybody an iPhone 5 release surprise in the summer, but we’d say following further developments you maybe shouldn’t bother waiting for that summer release.

Among our recent posts on the iPhone 5 (possibly to be titled the iPhone 4S), we told how it’s thought the next iPhone for Verizon will be a global handset and asked what features you were waiting for. We then told how a fatal fire had taken place at a Foxconn plant in China where iOS devices were made and passed on speculation that this may affect supplies of the iPad 2. Now an article over on Beatweek points out that all hope of a June release for the iPhone 5 must have been obliterated by the recent factory fire and explosion.

To be frank there were not many of us still holding out for a summer release but we know that many readers were still hankering for a pleasant surprise. However recently we had told how Apple had not even set up a production roadmap for component suppliers yet for the new iPhone and it would surely have damaged Apple’s reputation to come out with a brand-new iPhone 5, only weeks after a new iPhone 4 model (in white) was released. WWDC in June is now only weeks away and there may be some who still want to hang on and hope for an iPhone 5 revelation but we feel its highly unlikely at this early stage, especially as Apple will be having enough problems keeping up with iPhone 4 and iPad 2 production, after the fire incident.

You may also be interested in an article over on Computerworld, which talks about the iPhone 5 release date, saying that it “may be in trouble,” and gives bloggers’ views on the factory fire and the possible consequences. Were you still holding out for a shock disclosure of the iPhone 5 at WWDC next month? Let us have your comments on this.

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  • David

    Only time can tell when the next iPhone will come..I hope sooner then later..

  • rattyuk

    "Let us have your comments on this."

    Let's not…

  • Carolyn

    I have been one of the ones holding out hope for a June launch of the iPhone 5. I couldn't fathom why Apple would want to give up a quarter's worth of income from a new phone not only this year, but, because of carrier contract terms, each quarter going forward. The Foxconn fire certainly won't accelerate the launch though. WWDC is soon, so we should know shortly what the real launch time frame is.

  • Hussein

    It was more than obvious that the next generation iPhone would not be unveiled at June's WWDC when Apple decided not to announce iOS5 in March/April - a concurrent release is highly improbable as developers need time to update and submit their apps and it is even more likely that a next-gen iPhone would be sold with iOS4 installed.