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Nintendo Wii 2 Front Camera Joypad: 3DS Similarities

May 21, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Codenamed “Project Cafe,” Nintendo have been working on a new replacement to the gaming Wii console. Whether a fan or not, the rumored console has started to build up a level of interest within the gaming world with a possible announcement still to come on June 7th at the E3 gaming conference. In the past we have brought you news that the newest edition may be released sometime in October, but with all speculation, it can only be taken with a pinch of salt.

Alongside rumor that the new Wii 2 controllers will incorporate “Screen Stream” technology, Tim here at OSM gave you news of a leaked video that had been spotted, although with no sound and limited picture quality, begged the question whether the console seen was actually the real deal?

Today yet another rumor has come to the forefront, that the Project Cafe front-mounted touchscreen controller will include a camera. This comes from news over at Pocketlint via Develop, that the new joypad’s camera will be used for “in-game” images, showing similarities to that of the current Nintendo 3DS gaming console.

Courtesy of Pocketlint

If we revert back to the controller’s touchscreen in terms of size, Develop has reported that this will be in the region of 6-inches but may be used with a stylus, alongside the normal 6 button layout that many have now become accustomed to.

Despite the Nintendo 3DS gaming console not doing as well as first hoped, can the electronic giants come back from this with their new Wii 2?

What are your thoughts on the new rumored controller with screen stream technology and camera? Let us know.

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