Reporter Gets Arrested Over Stolen Facebook Photos

If you’re an avid user of social networking site Facebook it’s always good to have your wits about you every time you log on, this is best practice if you don’t want to find yourself in trouble like the young boy who was visited by secret services or the thirteen year-old schoolgirl who was suspended because of her Facebook post about her teacher.

Its stories like these that should help people stay safe when venturing onto the world of social networking, unfortunately they were not enough to help a reporter from Australia who was arrested over his article into stolen Facebook photos.

According to a recent post from Dan Tynan, 20-year-old reporter Ben Grubb was briefly detained by police due to a story he wrote for the Sydney morning Herald about a security flaw in Facebook. The story came about due to the findings of security researcher Christian Heinrich, at the AusCERT security conference Heinrich managed to hack into Facebook servers and obtain private photos from the account of rival security expert Chris Gatford. Read more on this by following this link to PCworld.

Although Heinrich was the one who initially broke the law by hacking into the social networks servers, it was reporter Grubb who paid the price of being arrested because he ran the story. To try and justify their decision the police department made a statement via Detective Superintendant Brian Hay, in it he said “Someone breaks into your house and they steal a TV and they give that TV to you and you know that TV is stolen”.

We don’t know whether or not this justifies their decision, what do you think?

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