Manchester United Boss Alex Ferguson Ponders Twitter Ban

Twitter has become one of the biggest social networks in the world and also a place where sports stars can feel closer to their supporters. It has also become a place where controversial activity occurs such as when Liverpool’s Ryan Babel posted an image of referee Howard Webb wearing a Manchester United shirt following their game.

Manchester United has a few of their stars that use the social network such as Michael Owen, Rio Ferdinand, Nani and the latest addition being Wayne Rooney. Rio Ferdinand is certainly a serial tweeter, whenever he isn’t featuring in a game if you check his profile you will find regular updates of support for his team mates that are on the pitch at the time. Now we are hearing that Manchester United Boss Alex Ferguson is pondering a Twitter ban.

We first heard about this whilst listening to talksport radio and have managed to find an article on it over at They are reminding us of a previous report where Darron Gibson joined the network only to give it up after a few hours following the abuse he received from fans. Not only that but when you think that every news reporter in England is always looking for a big story on a Footballer then these guys are putting themselves at risk.

Is this a case of Alex Ferguson showing his age? He has been quoted in saying that he doesn’t understand it and that he can’t see how anyone has the time to do it. If he goes ahead and imposes the ban then he will be set on a collision course with Rio Ferdinand but perhaps Rooney will be relieved to get off there following his latest fight outburst.

What do you think? Should Fergie impose the ban on his players? Let us know in the comments section below.