FBI Warns Women Over 50 Of Social Network Con Artists

As the use of sites like Facebook grow and grow on a daily basis it’s no wonder that social networking is starting to influence the way in which people live their lives, whether they are naming their child after it’s like button or organizing reunions through its interface the influence seems to be growing strong.

Although social networking is extremely popular amongst the youth of today it would also appear that these sites are also grabbing the attention of the older generation around us, this interest has caused the FBI to send out warnings to women over the age of fifty to be cautious about potential social network con artists.

According to a recent post by Mark Morris the FBI in Kansas are warning older women to be careful when using social networking sites, this is due to the bureau having concerns these women could be prime targets for computer-savvy scam artists, spokeswoman for the bureau Bridget Patton said “It’s opening a completely different venue for these high-tech con artists”. You can read more on what she had to say by following this link over to Kansascity.com.

This news doesn’t come as a surprise to us, recently Tim Ollason brought us just one of the many hundreds of stories we have seen involving scams on social networking sites. In his post he tells us how a Facebook user was conned out of $366,000 after falling into the trap of a con artist, you can read more by following this link to his post.

We think that the FBI is showing great initiative by sending out this warning, although rather than just warn a select group of people why not inform everyone? No matter what age you are anyone can be fooled by a scammer, what do you think?

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