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Facebook Announce MW3 Premiere- ESPN May 23rd

May 20, 2022 | Matt Tran

In the last week or so we have had plenty of fresh Modern Warfare 3 details come out to keep us drooling with anticipation. We brought you a post a few days back recommending that you join MW3′s Facebook page to get the latest news. Those who did probably know by now that May 23rd will see the first world premiere of MW3.

The news broke on Wednesday that ESPN will be the station which gets the exclusive first look at the game, with the trailer likely to hit YouTube shortly after. The event is scheduled at 00:00 - 23:30 which we are assuming is Eastern time due to the trailer being aired in the US. PSX Extreme has reported that the reveal has been purposely planned during Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals on ESPN, so there should be a relatively large viewing audience present.

We expect the premiere to be more of a teaser than a fully blown trailer, so do not set your hopes too high if previous reveals are anything to go by. So far we know that MW3 will adopt the same game engine as MW2, with a November 8th launch date on the cards. This coincides beautifully with the release of Battlefield 3 which marches in to action on November 4th, so we should have a real war on our hands in terms of sales figures and gamer preference. Who will win this epic battle?

So what will it be for you? Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, or both? We are always interested to hear your feelings especially when it comes to gaming so leave us all of your thoughts on these huge titles in the comments. What do you want to see from the world premiere and from the game as a whole?

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  • jerome

    this game is going to be crazy

  • DaveD

    Battlefield/Bad company games have got better with each release. COD games have got worse. I know which I'll be buying in November.

  • Aron

    I'm sure it will be a great battle, but I believe MW3 will come out on top. The IW 4.0 Engine is solid overall and is really advanced compared to most engines in terms of lighting especially. People complain CoD is running dry and being milked, but I recall all Battlefields having vehicles, and wasn't Bad Co. 1 & 2 exactly the same just different areas? Compare lighting, visuals and sounds of MW2 and Bad Co. 2 and which one exceeds? I don't need vehicles to make my game better, that clearly shows the gunplay is generic in Battlefield. You're telling me people are satisfied with CoD with just guns, and they need them in BF as a bragging right? I don't hop into a pre-set spawned vehicle, I earn mine :D in CoD and shoot at people, fun! CoD has it's downfalls but come on Battlefield is getting too much credit. Go play their previous games kids. Here's an example of why you don't change games, Socom 4 just came out and has a 67 on Metacritic. It's completely different from the old ones, it's a huge risk changing up a game just for people to complain more about the game. It's very hypocritical.

  • carlos

    can wait to see the trailer

  • yito

    im crazyyyyy mw3 wuuuuujuuuuuuu. black opssss it's a shet!

  • Chris Reid

    both are going to be great. but i'm looking forward to Modern Warfare 3. I've been a faithful Call Of Duty fan, and will continue to do so. =]


    YEA COD!!

  • Mustafaa Cobb

    COD is still better then any other first person shooter. they can keep getting worse and they will still b better then battlefield. COD brings such origanility and control to their gameplay. battlefield is tooo stale and cant compete with the COD. THe only way to beat COD is to copy it.

  • Mustafaa Cobb

    i agree…PREACH ON!!!

  • Jhon

    Come on we want that now …Hurry …..

  • Alex

    Battlefield 3 isnt bad company.

  • alex

    Since its using the MW2 engine… Its going to fail just as bad as modded warfail 2.

  • Scottie

    Im sorry but you can't count games made by 3arc because they blow

  • Matt

    Yeah bollocks to that, you seriously cant compare the two. You say battlefield has generic gunplay, and black ops doesnt?? Battlefield is made to simulate a real battle, unlike cod. As much they will both be brilliant they cant really be compared. And one more thing, MW2 has nothing in terms of audio effects compared to BC 2, it won best audio in the 2011 baftas, its nuts!!

  • Jamaican191

    Mw3 and Battlefield 3 is gonna be awesome. I'm a big COD fan and Battlefield bad company. Can't wait to see some game play footage of mw3. I'll be getting both

  • Peeyush Khare

    Ohh I can't wait to have it in my computer !!!!!! and as far as contest with Battlefield 3 is concerned…well I think MW3 will outclass it on all grounds…no doubt Battlefield is again a classy fps military game but when it comes COD MW series, all it can do is, sit back in the shelf of game stores and watch MW in action on the computers!!!! People COD MW3 rock!

  • Teja Kandarpa

    I think that Battlefield 3 will be the better game. I will get both of them come November, but I feel that the destructibility, the size of the maps and the ability to use vehicles sounds far more appealing than the 'arcade style' small maps that have been associated with Call of Duty games. In saying so, I love Call of Duty for that same reason. But I think that Battlefield 3 will be more appealing this time around, as it provides something different. Its a whole new ball game when you incorporate those elements into a first person shooter.

  • Stevo

    Mw3 will easy come out on top. BF3 does look good, but I’m all for the multiplayer and cod wins every time. Black ops was a big let down and I still go back to mw2. So if mw3 uses the same engine as mw2 I’m all up for that because don’t change if it’s not broken. Cod has got the best 1st person shooter down 2 a t. All I ask for is more killstreaks what goes up to 25 or 30 and more killstreak rewards so players have a lot more to choose from. Can’t wait till 8.11.11 come on mw3

  • Matt T

    Couldnt have put it any better myself =D

  • Eric R

    Cod has just been getting worse and battlefield has just been getting better there no doubt in my mind that battlefield will be good but MW3 is skeptical new company and some partial infinity ward people that made the worse shooter ever mw2 so…..we'll have to wait and see Could turn out amazing could turn out awful no one knows

  • Cod Guy

    I prefer the Black ops engine, always said if you jammed MW2 and black ops together you would have an awesome game, could you imagine the Black ops maps/ Wager matches mixed with MW2s guns and general mayhem!?

  • jimmyyyy5

    I think i'll get both, but i'm still looking more forward to Battlefield 3 (its getting better each game)

  • tyler

    it comes out 11.8.11…