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T-MobileUSA: Galaxy S2 Change To Hercules With Release Date?

May 19, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Since the start of this year we have seen many devices that have already been released or are set to be in the coming months. These include tablets, TVs, cameras, in-car entertainment and of course smartphones. Every month we hear news of yet something else that is destined to hit retailer shelves making the decision of what to choose even harder. One such handset coming our way is that of the new Samsung Galaxy S2.

Interest for this little baby has been huge and just a few days ago we gave you news that one retailer had already listed the device for pre-order with a release date of May 21st, just two days away now. Click here for more details. Then we heard that for the US market, the name Galaxy S2 was rumored to be changing for all carriers including Verizon with a possible change to “Function,” then for Sprint “Within” and AT&T “Attain.”

As we pointed out this hadn’t been officially confirmed. Today the news is of T-MobileUSA which although was missed out from the list, is now suggested to have a possible name change to that of “Hercules.” Where do they find these names? According to the news comes from with a rumored release date being within the next quarter.

In terms of specs, the new Samsung handset whatever it may or may not be called, will include a Super AMOLED Plus screen, the dual-core 1.2 GHz processor that has got everybody talking, running on Android 2.3 OS, impressive 8MP rear camera and so on. Along with the rumored name and launch date, has also stated that the new Hercules may be released with a 16GB internal ROM, next to the 1GB internal RAM, with up to 32GB with the benefit of a microSD card.

Are you waiting for the new Samsung, and if so where are you, perhaps you are one of the many in the US still hoping for an official release date? What are your thoughts on the name changes across all 4 carriers?

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  • RUSH

    Don't care what they call it. Just release it already!

  • Jacob

    I think Samsung is fucking around with us, I have been waiting forever juts release the damn phone! Get your act together, or don't advertise so early!

  • Mr. France

    most of my friends were too impatient to wait, and got nexus s or other HTC phones. i know they're stupid, but.. too long to wait for a DUMB phone. I LIKE THIS PHONE..alot. but they'll lose another customer if they dont release it soon.

  • Samsung Lover

    Release it, Relese it, I am waiting since long for this mobile.

  • guest

    just release it , I don't care about how they name it.

  • drzak

    unfortunately release date is expected to be in august …