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Sony PSN New Update 3.61 Resulting In Freezing PS3′s?

May 19, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Just a few days back, the news that many of you had finally been waiting for arrived, that the Sony PSN was actually coming back on although at a trickle. During the course of last weekend, Sony’s CEO Kaz Hirai gave gamers news that the service was being restored in some countries with others following. Thanks to many of our readers, we were kept updated as to where the network was being restored.

Along with the PlayStation Secure Network being resumed, a new firmware update 3.61 was installed. As much as Sony were looking like they “were out of the woods,” news came through yesterday from our very own Tim, that the huge electronics company were then having to deal with a PSN password reset blunder. Today we have been hearing that the new update may be causing overheating/freezing with some PS3 gaming consoles.

According to Ubergizmo, publishers of game franchises such as Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt “Rockstar Games,” have reported that due to the possible new firmware update, owners of older PS3 60 and 80GB models, have been experiencing difficulties playing some games, particularly that of LA Noire that has just been recently released.

Part way through playing the game, users have experienced it coming to a complete stand still. Although removed now, Rockstar Games support page came up with suggestion that the problem could be down to the new firmware update. As we say the page has now come off but as Ubergizmo reported, you can still see the message courtesy of Eurogamer.

Tell us have you been experiencing problems such as this, or in fact anything since the new update kicked in?

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  1. Alistair McMillan says:

    Since the update my Old Fat PS3 has randomly frozen twice once on Start the Party and the other on WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2011 I thought it was just my old PS3 finally giving up the ghost and was considering getting a slim but if its the update then I'll hold off!

  2. Russell Hey says:

    Updated and reset my password and then had a good long 8 hour session on Black Ops. I haven't encountered a single issue with the new update.

  3. happyPS3dude says:

    Mines actually got better since the update lol. I was having overheating problems before, not to the point where the machine switched off, but a fairly noisy fan kept kicking in after a couple of hours. Now its fine! Who'd have thought they'd actually get something right huh?

  4. jessica says:

    Updated, reset password, now when i try to play black ops online it crashes on the loading screen on each map, apart from array oddly enough… resulting in me having to restart system each time, so annoying, didnt know if it was because of my ps3, the network or the disc.. but if it's possibly the update, like matey said i'll wait before dishing out on a new one

  5. BigGunz72 says:

    I have an old fatty 80GB PS3 (Metal Gear Solid), but I am not sure if it is freezing because I have petty much abandoned using it as a reliable gaming console, so basically it is my bluray/netflix player. I switched over to the other system, the one that is not free but provides a secure and consistent network for gamers. Finally, I have got my eye on Project Cafe, set to be released within the next year. So while it's been fun and I really did enjoy the PS3, the end is near. By the time PS3 figures out the new network it will be irrelevant.

  6. Donner Kebab says:

    Since the network downtime I've been playing Oblivion (lots of single player stuff to do) and it was as perfectly smooth. Even though the servers are back up now I've carried on playing Oblivion and it seems noticiably jerkier, and during intense magic fights with multiple NPC's the frame rate was awful, something I've never noticed before. Then, to top it off, on two occasions now (one after 45mins of battling through a multi-celled dungeon [doesn't autosave between cells, grrrr] it has completely frozen and needed resetting from the console, both times when changing between interior cells. Never once had a problem with the game before the update. I know Sony claim we're all just PS3 bashing because of all the negative media but there really is an issue here.

  7. borix85 says:

    no problems here . sounds like people want to keep sh**ing on Sony. Get over it . its most likley the game is self causing the issue not the hardware . Most likely and knowing for sure what it is are two different thiings Sepculation w/o hesitation is not a good buisness move . Just ask sony about that then know . I own all three consoles and think that by far sony's hardware is far superior to that of the wii and 360. But i also own a slim ps3 dont know about the old bulky 60 gig consoles

  8. Jeff says:

    My 60 gig (bought around launch date), has completely froze up 3 times in an hour after 3.6.1 was installed. I was playing a 2 or 3 hour session of Assasin's Creed 2 when it happened. I haven't used my PS3 since then. I did buy L.A. Noire and I'm hoping to give it a try tonight, HOPING that my system won't keep having issues. Sounds like we need an update for 3.6.1 ASAP!

  9. jordan says:

    this sums up what PSN users are thinking:

  10. chris says:

    system updated, reset password, now trying to play nba 2k11 and crashes everytime when trying to load up. have played 2k11 religiously for the past 4 months. my ps3 had never crashed before this latest update. any solutions/suggestions?

  11. Gibby says:

    I have a newer 250 gb slim. This may have nothing to do with the udpate but playing Fallout 3 since updating it is freezing up. I have to manuallly power it down (button on the console) for it to actually do anything. It then has the 3 beeps, shuts down then I wait a minute to turn it back on and it seems fine. I need to save my games more often if this continues otherwise I have to play the same parts over.

  12. Newb Saibot says:

    While the PSN was down I was playing through single player on a few games with not difficulty what-so-ever. Update to 3.61, decide to play some Fifa 11 and it crashes mid-way through a game so I thought I'd turn turn it off and back on again. Loaded up to the arena and it crashed again. Turned it off and on and now it would recognize the disk. Left it for a full day went on to play some COD worked fine and I had totally forgot about it till it struck again and crashed. I went to go back on and it kept doing the same! It's not just a problem with LA Noire and its starting to piss me off that sony think it is!

  13. KEE says:

    Old 60 Gig here never had a problem before. Updated and was playing FIFA '11 online and froze….rebooted later and played again froze again but this time YLOD. I'm a loyal Sony PS user from day one but this is really testing my loyalty!!! So am I just supposed to go out and buy another one now with all of these issues….????

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