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Lady Gaga vs Britney Spears: Social Media Supremacy

May 19, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

As we know the competition between music celebrities is continually heating up whether it’s, who will get to that all important number one place within the single or album charts, the highest amount of downloads, Facebook or Twitter followers and the list goes on. News today talks about two of the biggest names at the current time, that of pop queens, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears.

Last weekend, Lady Gaga celebrated having 10 million Twitter followers, the first celebrity to achieve this, but for Britney Spears despite sometime ago having personal troubles, she has managed to come back with flying colors to achieve the “most loved” by the world of social media. On the list of Twitter’s top 10 most followed, Britney is reigning in at number one with Lady Gaga at number 8.

According to an online survey, which was carried out by Amplicate some 95 million people were asked various questions, with one of the results pointing to Britney being one of Twitter’s Highest Followed People. When looking at the impressive figures which were measured, 27 thousand left good, positive comments about Spears which were relayed on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and researcher Amplicate within the time frame of 3 months.

Although Gaga has a huge fan base, unique dress sense and so on, many people have warmed to Spears because of her “normal” down to earth way of approaching daily life, she doesn’t care much for the celebrity lifestyle. Many would argue against this, with some saying that the true goddess of music is in fact Lady Gaga, that she writes her own material, outdoes Spears in terms of singing and performing live, this can be backed up with her recent performance at the Radio 1 Big Weekend in Cardiff.

Tell us who you’re favorite is? Lady Gaga vs Britney Spears? How do you follow your celebrity, Facebook and/or Twitter? Or perhaps another way?

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  • Freddy

    Britney is the best!!!!! 13 in business, over 100 million records sold, etc. and she's still on top of her game!

  • http://Twitter Aidan

    Britney britney!!!

  • Chris

    But Britney Spears isn't the most followed on Twitter…Lady GaGa is that's why she's called the Queen of Twitter?
    Lady GaGa: 10,178,547 Twitter Followers
    Britney Spears: 7,886,161 Twitter Followers

  • james

    bitney alll the way..she is more original dan gaga

  • Rudy

    Britney all the way everything she touches turns into gold. Britney has a down to earth approach on life and is real she lives her life the way she wants to I love Britney spears all day every day Femme Fatale tour here I come!!!!!

  • nahnah

    @chris , its who's the most loved of the most followed on twitter

  • joshuA

    GAGA ALL THE WAY! Britney lip syncs, is dump as a rock, and is not the queen of Twitter Gags is!

  • Ben_Wilson

    Britney beats gaga definately. Gaga says she relates to her fans but it is hard for me to relate to her (even when i like her music) because she's so weird. britney is the bomb

  • Ben_Wilson

    Who cares about followers. We all can have our own opinion, but let's face it, if lady gaga and britney spears were both to die tomorrow the media would definately pay more attention and tribute to the life of Queen Britney.

  • mEE


  • meeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Britneyyyyyyyyyyyyyy <3 but I so love GaGa :)

  • BritfanUK

    Lady gaga only has so many followers on her twitter due to her fans creating two accounts and the majority of her fans are in the range of 5-12 years of age!! Children of that age follow anything the person they ''like'' do, they will grow out of her eventually, she will get boring, predictable as she is already. She is already running out of these so called ''creative'' ideas, that she copies from Madonna and a bunch of other artists.

    BRITNEY RUNS THIS WORLD, she has done since 1998!! Britney is not going anywhere, so people should really come to terms with it!

  • anna

    Britney baby !