Infinity Blade Update: Multiplayer & Survival Mode Added

Infinity Blade is one of the games featured on the Apple App Store that when it was released dominated the “top paid” and “top grossing” charts for people’s iPhones and iPods. Around the time of release we reported on how it was the fastest grossing app ever seen on any apple device and also gave you a review of it.

Now we have been hearing that there’s an Infinity Blade update and included is multiplayer and also a survival mode that’s been added. We first learned of the additions through an entry over on iClarified where they talk a little about the new features and then linked over to the iTunes app store.

Over on iTunes there’s a note saying that Infinity Blade has been reduced to half price and that there’s the new content pack available. They have listed the amendments that include “Enter the Arena” which is the multiplayer option where you can challenge your friends to matches via the game center, “Survivor” where you fight against a legion of titans just too see how far you can get along with some other cool things!

There’s also a recommendation that you update your version of the iOS to the latest version before playing and also that if you have already been playing the game that before you download the update that you end the background process of the game. To do this you double tap the home button and then hold your finger on the Infinity Blade icon until the little stop sign appears and then tap it.

Have you downloaded the update already? What do you think of the new multiplayer gaming on it? Let us know in the comments section below.