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Sony Sweating Over PSN Password Reset Blunder

May 18, 2022 | Tim Ollason

When it comes the Sony PSN outage where their network was compromised we have reported on the different stages from when it was first taken down and they had to rebuild the infrastructure all the way through to when it was brought back up online. Now we have something new to tell you about that Sony perhaps hadn’t thought of.

We have been reading over on Engadget in an article by Vlad Savov that implies that Sony may be sweating over the PSN passwords being reset in their latest blunder. Remember why the PSN was taken down? That’s right, because the network was infiltrated and after a few days Sony turned the PSN off until recently but if you remember what happened in that few days where it was being accessed a lot of user data was swiped by hackers for which the reason was and still is unknown.

Sony has also advised that users to change their PSN passwords but to do that you need to enter some specific information, your email address and date of birth… Wasn’t that data swiped by the hackers? So potentially what we have a situation where now the PSN and other Sony sites could still be accessed by a hacker who has that data if they reset someones password AT ANY TIME even if the password has already been changed.

With that being the case Sony has been taking things down left right and centre which is good in a way but it has left us wondering what they are going to do about it. Perhaps Japan were right when it comes to waiting for further security measures to be added and that is in addition to the ones that Sony are already putting in. You can read the original source of all of this information on this link where they have a few different updates.

Are you surprised that Sony didn’t see this before? What can they do to get around it? Let us know your suggestions in the comments section below.

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