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New MacBook Air Release Date: June/July?

May 18, 2022 | Mike Smith

As Apple have just been named the most valuable brand in the world it’s no wonder that every manufacturer is trying to rival them, we have seen many devices recently released that all intend to try and take a slice of the Apple pie.

These devices such as the HP EliteBook and the Samsung Series 9 have been released with one key goal, to rival Apples many products such as the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air, speaking of the MacBook Air we have news that the newest model may have an impending release date of June or possibly July.

According to this recent post from Appleinsider the company is currently in the process of refreshing their current range, this refresh will include an updated MacBook Air which will feature not only Thunderbolt high-speed interconnect but also Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processor. These new 11.6inch and 13.3inch devices are rumoured to be in the process of shipping later this month in preparation for a June or July Launch.

As this is has not yet been officially confirmed by Apple themselves Ubergizmo think we should take this news with quiet a large pinch of salt, although they advise us to do this they also remind us that it’s been a while since the last MacBook Air was released.

As we all know Apple pride themselves on being consistent with their updates of their products, with this in mind the release of their latest device could be more imminent than we know.

Do you think the new MacBook Air will be launched in June or July? What features would you like to see in the new model?

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  • AlainaJack

    Mac BookAir is an incredible product. Unbelievably light and looks stunning. It deserved the success that it got. Apple has become a benchmark for the companies to carry on their operations. Now the new version of Mac BookAir is ready for its launch this July. Keenly waiting for the new product.

  • Wayne Crooke

    Sure hope so. Didn’t go for MBA 2, 1 year back because too slow and too small storage. Current rumors point that these have been addressed now.
    I visit US starting June 3 and hoping to pick up a new MBA maxed out.