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Vodafone New Zealand Xperia Play Shipment Stolen

May 17, 2022 | Mike Smith

If your anything like us here at OSM you too go through a whole bunch of mixed emotions whenever a new piece of tech is announced, after we follow these new releases for months and months it can be a big anti-climax when something gets in the way to stop us getting our hands on these new devices.

We have been through this anguish on many occasions, the last time we had to experience this was when we went to order the iPad 2 and Apple had problems with their online store. If you’re a Vodafone New Zealand customer that’s waiting for the Xperia Play unfortunately you will experience this anguish, recent reports claim that the whole shipment of Xperia Plays heading to you have been stolen.

This news comes to us via Engadget, according to their post-which you can read in full here-the company have encountered a major security breach, this has resulted in the theft of the entire shipment of Xperia Play devices, this is sure to set a spanner in the works with the release of this device as the handset is suffering limited production due to the recent events in Japan.

Although this news came officially through the company’s Twitter profile many think it may be some kind of viral marketing stunt, over at Softpedia the guys think that this maybe a way for the company to drive iPhone 4 sales. You can read more on this by following this link here over to their post.

Whether this is genuine or not it can’t have a good effect on the handsets reputation, we have already seen the Xperia Play suffer after reports that its games were not selling. What do you think?

Is this genuine? Were you planning to get your hands on the Xperia Play? If so will you hold on or go for something else?

Let us know your thoughts below

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  • AlainaJack

    Awww this a really sad news both for the customers and the companies.