Baby Named After Facebooks “Like” Button

Nowadays social networking sites have a dramatic effect on the way in which we go about our daily business, with a number of different ways to interact with others widely available sites like Facebook and Twitter are vastly sculpting the way in which we live our lives.

Whether you’re using Facebook Check-Ins or tracking your stolen laptop with Twitter the use of social networking can encourage people to do some very bizarre things, the latest strange story we have to bring you is about a baby who has been named “like” after the Facebook button.

This is not the first we have heard about something like this, a few months ago Debbie turner brought us news on the Egyptian couple who decided to call their baby Facebook-after the role the social networking site played in the Egyptian revolution.

According to an article from the Huffingtonpost Israeli couple Lior and Vardit Adler choose this unusual name as they felt it was both modern and innovative, Likes father Lior insists that this name is not intended to be gimmick nor is it anyway an ad for the social networking site. You can read more on this by following this link here over to their post.

As strange as this seems it appears that naming children after brands has become a bit of a global phenomenon, in this article from they tell us how parents are deciding to venture for new names like ESPN and Armani. You can read more on this by following this link through to their post here.

Would you ever name your child after a brand? What’s the strangest Childs name you have ever heard?

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  • danny_t

    I would definitely not name my kid after a brand thats ridiculous

  • Caitlin2r1

    What if "Facebook" changes their name due to a split in ownership or new owners, etc. What is the kid going to think of their name then. Please consider what you child is going to go through at school. What,… for short you're going to call them, "Face" or "FB" ?? Boy, I can think of some many cruel comments/names kids could, no would use against your child. People.. think of your child, not what you think is cute now, or what it will get for you, like in the News. Don't use your child, love, care, adore, keep them safe and away from harm… and give them a descent normal nice name, something "they" can live with. Being different can be good but can also bring additional hardships to children while they are growing up, there are already even challenges for kids, why make it worse for them. Think before doing something foolish and damaging to your kid.

  • AlainaJack

    This is called the impact of technology. People should at least think before doing something. Naming kids by getting influenced by social networking sites is ridiculous. These sites have become a big part of the lives of people today.