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Sony PSN Online Surge Causes Server Overload: Expected?

May 16, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

As Sony’s PSN network finally started to resume throughout yesterday, many of you were good enough to leave us your comments as to whether you had your service back up and running. With many countries such as America, Australia and other parts of Europe benefiting from the restoration first, followed by others such as the UK, many gamers found that they could download the new firmware update but had problems grabbing the freebies from the welcome back campaign.

Despite some of the service resuming, many of you are still waiting and may be so until the end of May. Tim here at OSM just this morning as spoken about how Japan would like to see more security measures put in place before they use the PSN network. Due to the sheer volume of gamers who have been affected by the outage since the 20th April, its no surprise to hear from, that yesterday saw servers for the PSN struggling to keep up with demand, the servers were in fact “overloaded.”

As reported, the huge electronics company Sony it seems, could not cope with the sheer amount of usage. Surely this was expected? Gamers who in fact have been waiting patiently for the service to resume, understandingly jumped straight back on trying to change settings, start playing their favorite games and so on.

If we revert back to the welcome back package for one moment that Tim spoke about earlier, it has been reported that Phase One of the restoration process has now taken those important steps, with the next Phase starting to commence which will enable the PS store to come back. This is when the freebies such as the 30 free days of PSN Plus will kick in.

Let us know your current situation? Did you have your service up and running yesterday or are you still sitting tight? Have you experienced any problems? What are your thoughts on Sony’s PSN servers overload, surely Sony expected this?

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Comments (6)

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  1. ed b says:

    Done my Password reset,had no problems at all



  2. Corbin says:

    I played all day yesterday no problems at all. Wish i could stay home from school but oh well. Ill be back on tonight(:

  3. tam m says:

    i got back online last nite wow its good to be back i had lots of updates to do but they are all done now time to get on with the gaming thanks sony

  4. Craig says:

    Update downloaded so slow they may as well have posted it to me, still cant reset password, probably because so many are also trying to do so.

  5. neroyyson says:

    yes i am still pi!!!!!d off and still waiting, get your fingers out sony sort it!!!!

  6. mikey says:

    im still waiting for a new password to be sent to me, i cant sign in i keep gettin an error,just hope im not one of those people who have wo wait till the end of the month,but knowing my luck i am :(

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