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Sony PSN Back Up Online: Japan Cautiously Wait

May 16, 2022 | Tim Ollason

When it comes to the Sony PSN there has been a lot of news about the outage that they have been experiencing for the last few weeks. Many PlayStation 3 gamers have been left frustrated from not being able to play their favorite games online but now the service is back up, all be it slightly rocky.

One of the main reasons that the PSN is a bit rocky is because of the sheer number of people looking to get their PlayStation gaming fix by popping some heads on Call of Duty as well as users finally being able to fight their friends on Mortal Kombat. Now we have heard some news that even though the PSN has gone up pretty much worldwide Japan is cautiously waiting.

Over on Engadget Vlad Savov has compiled a report saying that Japan want to see further preventive measures from Sony put in place before they all start using it again. You can read more about it from the press release over on that was published by Takashi Mochizuki. This is perhaps a good way to look at the PSN from Japan as they don’t want any further compromise of their user’s data and perhaps more places around the world should have followed their example?

We have also checked out a few of the comments that are on other articles and many people are saying that they have downloaded the new firmware update from Sony and that they still can’t get on. We also understand that the PSN Store is down which means you still can’t get on there and grab your free goodies as part of the welcome back package.

Have any of you been able to get onto the PSN yet? Have you been able to download any free goodies? What was the first game you played when it came back up? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Omegawolf11

    Logged In Went To Play COD
    Got Bored Left The Game
    No Freebies PS store is still offline
    List of stuff at psn
    2:subscription services(OFFLINE)
    3:ps store(OFFLINE)

  • Matthew

    I am in hong kong and cant get on :(

  • NanaChi

    No one's able to download the free "goodies" yet until the PS Store is back up, which will probably take a few more days, or weeks. When it does come up, I hope those goodies are really good! The first game I played when it came back up was- Well, not a game. I met my loving friends on Playstation Home, and today I played GTA IV online.

  • Bouncingfrosty

    They did say that the psn store would not be on yet well that bloke said on YouTube who was sAying sorry for everything

  • Hywel

    "Japan want to see further preventive measures from Sony put in place before they all start using it again"

    Lol! The reason why we've been waiting so long in the first place is so Sony can put further preventive measures in place!

  • shir3z

    hello, still not able to log in,my ps3 60gb launch model died on me on Friday the 13th the breded YLOD(overheating problem,so I got the new slim 320gb and cant log on with my existing account keeps saying i will have to wait 24 hour tops to receive my password reset its been 48 hours now not impressed with sony ,I have all ways had playstations and I am a loyal customer!!

  • Alan Evans

    SHir3z stop you whinning. They said they weren’t coming on till the 31st so if you can get on now thats a bonus. Wait patiently and I’m sure you’ll get your fix. Play a 1 player game or invite a friend over in the meantime.