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McDonald’s Touchscreen & Swipe Card Tested In Europe

May 16, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

We all know what it is like when you enter any fast food establishment in your lunch hour, its a mass of hungry customers queuing for their burger and chips. Behind the service desk the pre-pubescent teens struggle to cope with the barrage of meal deal requirements from the onslaught of rabid office workers.

Waiting in the queue can be a frustrating stressful event leading to frenzied eating from your much reduced hours lunch. But this could all be set to change with a new idea thought up by probably the most famous outlet, McDonald’s.

A report by Electronista confirmed that McDonald’s Europe, is in the process of testing a new system that not only does away with the counter assistance, but also eliminates the use of folding money. It will use terminals with touchscreens and swipe card devices in much the same way as we find for express shopping in our local supermarkets.

Obviously the system will allow you to order your food and pay by card before moving to an area to collect. As McDonald’s serves over 2 million diners everyday, the company believe that the new ordering method will not only help with efficiency and reduce order times by 4 seconds it will also make life simpler for the customer.

When the Financial Times questioned some customers in London’s Wimbledon establishment, mixed feelings came back. One student applauded the idea saying, “You don’t need to communicate with staff and it would be much quicker,” whilst another disagreed, “I’m looking for work and if there’s more machines doing jobs I’ll find it harder. Plus you won’t get service with a smile,” he said.

In a society where we can easily order a film, do our shopping, book reservations and gather all sorts of information without ever needing to interact with anyone, can you see the plus sides of touchscreen fast food restaurants? Or do you like the one to one transaction between you as the customer and the counter assistant? Give us your views.

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