Facebook Dislike Button: Another Facebook Scam/Virus

When it comes to scams Facebook is the place that certainly sees most of them, we have seen a lot of Osama Bin Laden ones circulating, another where a lady lost thousands for showing some compassion and another one that claims to be able to show you who has been visiting your Facebook profile.

The latest one going around is about a feature that many Facebook users have wanted for sometime and that’s a Facebook Dislike button which could possibly be loaded with a virus. Scams of all different types have become more frequent on Facebook and because of that the Facebook security team is implementing some pretty good measures to try to prevent the majority of it.

We have seen this one floating around on Facebook and then we read an article over on Facecrooks.com that confirmed it. The scam message says that “Facebook Now Has A Dislike button!” and to enable the feature to click on a link as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you click on it they want you to copy some code from a box and paste it into your browser. Doing this leaves you wide open as it bypasses the Facebook security protocols and you could end up with a virus and if you took part in their ‘survey’ then the data that you entered could put you at risk.

If you have unfortunately already clicked on the link then there are a few things that we would advise you to do, firstly run a virus scan on your computer and eradicate anything that shouldn’t be there including malware. Once that has all completed, follow this guide on how to remove any unwanted ‘Liked’ pages and clean up your news feed to stop it going any further. We would urge you to share this information with your friends, family and colleagues to ensure we try and stop the malware from spreading.

Have you seen this circulating already? Let us know how frequently and if you have been caught out by it in the comments section below.

  • ang.

    Beware, My girlfriend clicked this on my computer and it already took over my email! It's spreading like wildfire on Facebook.

  • EmilyT

    I have seen this circulating all over my facebook - I think a lot of people have already been tricked into using it…

  • Cody

    10 friends have spammed my wall with this :/

  • James

    IT Addict, I immediately recognized this as a scam and have been following the website as I have witnessed it change it location 3 time, this has been reported to the IC3 and is currently under investigation. Do not install this it is a scam if you have installed it immediately run a virus scan on your computer and change ALL passwords.

  • Gmodlol Epicwin

    Lol i can't believe people really fell for that, isn't that obvious that if facebook would want to add a dislike button they'd do an update for it, and that script is really notable, i don't know how to code and i STILL realized its not what people think it is. (Notice the site it takes the dislike addition from. "Chinavorrior4u"?)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000902504115 Alicia Caballero Somoza

    I keep reading you that facebook is a scam but you know something? in other words it gives peace of mind to a lots of people knowing where your love ones are, when they dont answre the phone still I thumbs up for that, and about monies? I dont know.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000902504115 Alicia Caballero Somoza

    And when I was befor Facebook as AC Talent agency/Alicia Caballero when Hollywood was very small for me since 1972 and my company was built in 1996 here in El Monte California 91733.

  • Streepjescode503235

    It has been arived in holland.
    today i had already 40 to 50 messages about it