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COD MW3 Joins Facebook: Get News & Game Updates

May 16, 2022 | Matt Tran

For the masses of you out there checking for Modern Warfare 3 updates and news each day then you may be pleased to hear that they have joined Facebook. If you “like” the page then you will regularly get the latest details and teasers through the news feed.

It is believed that Activision created the official page in the latter stages of last week, with over 200,000 subscribers already. You can join by following the link here. We have embedded the England teaser trailer for you below, with the other videos for America, France and Germany being available on YouTube.

We reported to you a few days back of leaked game details, with Kotaku spilling the beans on some unconfirmed detail that you may find interesting. You may be pleased to hear some confirmed facts such as a November 8th release, as well as that Modern Warfare 3 will pick up straight from where MW2 left off. It had been speculated that MW3 would be a prequel involving the character “Ghost”.

For the online multiplayer lovers we have 2 more bits of good news. The first is that the PlayStation Network should be back up soon and also that MW3 will keep the same game engine as MW2, which means that the game experience will feel the same. There was a lot of split opinion on the Black Ops multiplayer, and admittedly I was not a big fan. We look forward to hearing fresh details on guns, perks and killstreaks in the coming weeks; do you want the tactical nuke back?

MW3 is being tipped like every Call Of Duty Game, to be the best ever seen. Will Battlefield 3 prove a very serious competitor? I think it is fair to say that Black Ops was slightly below expectations but did bring a unique new dimension to the game with wager matches and theater mode. I will miss blowing zombies to pieces but firmly think that the best ever online multiplayer was with MW2 and many are expecting more of this from the sequel. Leave us your thoughts on how the successful you think the game will be and the features you want to see added removed or brought back.

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  1. Treyarch_Sucks says:

    I like all teh features and weapons in Black Ops, I like the knives and tomahawk, I like being able to pick a server, I just hate Treyarch’s gaming engine!

  2. gunner says:

    i agree that treyarchs gaming engine sucks

  3. Supreme PC Race says:

    Watch Battlefield 3 blow this out of the water

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