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X-Factor “Minogue” Goes: N-Dubz Tulisa Replaces, Twitter Enraged

May 15, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Online social networking site Twitter is growing fast in popularity, and may still have a way to go before it reaches rival Facebook and its 500 million or so active users. But that’s not to say that it will not achieve this. Since its started back in 2006, the site has attracted many everyday people as well as some of the more famous names.

Today the news is of Aussie music, actress, TV personality, model and of course singer Dannii Minogue. Whatever we associate Dannii with, the majority of us will no doubt put her name and face to TV entertainment show “X-Factor.” According to Metro, the 39-year old star has quitted the show and will be replaced with British singer Tulisa from N-Dubz. It seems Dannii has not gone on bad feeling, but has stated that filming commitments have got in the way of her taking part as a judge in the popular show.

Consequently this has caused a big stir on Twitter with many showing their support for Dannii. Some of you have even gone so far as to say that you think X-Factor will not survive without her. To give some examples of what some of you have tweeted, we have picked out just a small handful.

One Minogue fan tweeted, “Replacing Dannii Minogue with Tulisa? Xfactor…you’re going downhill.” Another said, “If X Factor have got rid of Dannii Minogue they’ve lost their best judge.”

And lastly, someone else said, “So Tulisa from N-Dubz is replacing Dannii Minogue? Will the other judges need a slang dictionary to keep up with her.”

Give us your views on Dannii Minogue leaving X-Factor and being replaced with Tulisa? Will Dannii be sorely missed, or is it about time we had some fresh new input from the younger generation? Let us know your thoughts. Check out the X-Factor link at the top, you could be auditioning for the next June series.

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