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Sony Brand Tarnished Over PSN Outage: Can It Be Saved?

May 15, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Earlier today, we gave you news that Sony was restoring the PSN network and Qriocity streaming media services, well to some countries that is. News started to filter through that the US, some European countries and even Australia were starting to benefit from the restoration, but here in the UK, it seems we are still patiently waiting. Following on from our earlier posts today, we have asked for your response as to whether you are now enjoying a resumed service and if you have had problems with the updated firmware?

Although the service is and has partly now been rectified, the outage still continues for a great many, with news of the complete process taking up to the end of this month. So even with Sony and its “welcome back” campaign including a free monthly service, a selection of free material to download and news of free debix protection, is this really enough to get gamers back on side and build up the trust element between gamers and the huge electronics giants?

The main problem was and still appears to be prevalent, is the way in which Sony waited a week before telling its customers that the PSN network had been hacked, and consequently personal information had been attacked. Some gamers as Slashgear reported feel betrayed even undermined. We reported just yesterday of how a majority of gamers have ditched the PS3 console by trading-in it and choosing other gaming alternatives such as the Xbox 360.

In an article we posted yesterday, we also asked whether future Sony devices such as a possible PS4 console would indeed be affected in terms of sales? The outage may have just gone on for a number of weeks, well actually 41 days by May 31st, but for gamers, its things like this that will stay fresh in their minds.

Tell us your thoughts on this? Is your service back up and running and if so tell us where you are? Also, will it take a lot more than a few incentives to bring back gamers’ trust in Sony? Let us know.

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  1. Fred Pike says:

    Sony is back up for me as of 5/15/2011 at 1:20 pm eastern time. its an easy recovery, do the updates and then do new password :)

  2. columbia SC… Running, but limited. No store for ps home, no plus, no qriocity, but better than nothing.

  3. Brandon says:

    It;s working in UK!

  4. mornelithe says:

    Unless Sony's internal devs jump ship and move to multi-platform development, Sony has absolutely nothing to worry about. Most people driven by common sense blame Hackers for this, not Sony. And most people with common sense also realize that daily…companies that have actually had a vested interest in Network Security, get hacked left and right.

    Sony is no exception, they've simply never been in the business of having closed or public networks. They're definitely getting a crash course now, but I can't blame them for what other people do. No matter what their security was, Hackers were going to get in.

    You can't stop them online, you can only track them down to their physical location, bury them in a prison cell, and throw away the jail.

    The bottom line though, as long as Sony provides games I can't get anywhere else, from developers I've known and loved for the past 2 decades….yeah, Sony has absolutely nothing to worry about.

  5. chris ash says:

    just come back on manchester uk

  6. hardcore mac says:

    Wow back online in the UK uncharted2 all the way ;)

  7. james says:

    Back online in the U.K in some regions… users are unable to make new accounts though error 80710D31. Frankly now this is really f***ing me off. Its been a month and this piss take still continues. Its appaling its taken this long and its still not fixed. Absolutley appalling…

  8. hardcore mac says:

    WOW mines is down again played uncharted2 online logged out for a bit now its down WTF :(

  9. Davo says:

    Damn ! still down in Mexico (at least in Yucatan near of Cancun) … How much do we have to wait until I can kill people in COD Black ops !!! …. I'm sad, do any knows anything about PSN in Mexico ? (besides we are a third world country ¬¬ )

  10. Ben says:

    Working in the UK, South East

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