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Sony PSN Saga: PS4 Arrival, Affected Sales Before Released?

May 14, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

As the Sony PSN downtime still continues from 20th April, many of you have been feeling disappointed, angry, frustrated and so on, but the reaction we have to say has been a mixed bag. Some of you have felt sorry for Sony with many of you saying that “its just one of those things” and that the gaming giants have done their best so far to get the downtime sorted out. As it stands the outage may still continue on until the end of the month, but Debbie here this morning has spoken about how some services on the developer network are back up and running. To find out more on this click here for more details.

Yesterday we gave you news that the Nintendo 3DS price at retailer Game had indeed been dropped, bringing into question whether this was because of the PSN outage or because the 3DS sales had significantly fallen lower than first expected? Just a week or so ago, we asked whether the PS3 or other Sony product interest such as the forthcoming S1 and S2 tablets would be effected due to the downtime, and now we are asking if the next PS4 console could be as well.

Ok so the console may not arrive until late 2012, and that’s IF it does surface, will Sony’s PSN outage and the situation of personal information being attacked, seriously affect gamers attitudes to purchasing the device? Over at, they have spoken not only about a PS4 but that a 5 and 6 are in the early stages of planning at Sony laboratories. On the flip side to this, an article at the end of April from stated that the PS4 may not be released until at least 2014.

One interesting point that was raised that we picked up on, was the PS3 sales and how the outage has affected its position in terms of ranking in gaming consoles, currently it stands behind the Wii and Xbox 360. We gave you news that some gamers were so miffed about the outage that they had taken to trading in their PS3 for something else, so is this the time that Sony should be thinking about bringing the PS4 to light sooner rather than later?

Tell us whether you think Sony will ever bring out a PS4? We understand that if they do, chances are it wont be for another year if not longer, will Sony’s present PSN situation have a detrimental effect on future devices? Or should we sit tight for the service to resume and stop stressing out?

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  • Ps3

    i think ps4 will be oout in 2013

  • Austen Burness

    playstation man through and through ps1,ps2,ps3,and 4 and so on, who cares if its been of a month,it'll come back bigger and better way to go sony always got my vote.