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Sony PSN Back for Developers Reports: A Good Sign?

May 14, 2022 | Debbie Turner

As the Sony PlayStation Network outage rumbles on we’ve been trying to keep you informed with the latest developments, and also speculation, about the situation. Although the service is not back online generally, it seems there may be a good sign today with news that some developers are saying they now have the Sony PSN back.

We know from the huge response to some of our posts, just how many of you are waiting and hoping for the restoration of the Sony PSN and also how frustrated many of you are. In one of our recent posts we gave the news that the PSN will return in phases with final testing now taking place in Japan. We also reported on how some experts are saying the hacking and subsequent outage could have been avoided and then asked if a recent Nintendo 3DS price drop was a sign of Nintendo trying to entice PS3 gamers to them.

Now it seem that some game developers have posted on forums that some of the PSN services on the developer network are back up. The news comes to us from Josh Fernandes of PlayStationLifeStyle who quoted one member of the NeoGAF forum as saying, “PSN was working at my work today, we could play co-op. (Not saying what game, I can’t anyway.) Everybody was clueless but, somehow it was working.” Part of another quote from the forums read, “The internal PSN developer network is online again, at least it seems for some, although things are still a bit shaky at the moment such as lack of new account sign up. Looks like the full network, at least the online play/account part of it, will be back soon.”

Kagar, a NeoGAF moderator also said that other developers had reported that the PSN was up and running for them. As well as this the PlayStation NL official Twitter account confirmed the following, courtesy of Gamers Mint. “@snickel86 at this moment a select group is testing the network . Territories= Japan (Asia), Europe & America.” Fernandes points out that the news that several developers are now testing the network, hopefully means that the service will soon be resumed for everybody.

However, Jason Evangelho over on VideoGameWriters also reports on this news but points out that although the network is back for developers there still appear to be some “serious snags.” Apparently certain parts of the account restoration process are not working although Evangleho points out that the developer network problem may not apply to the public PSN. Overall though, we’d say the restoration of the developers’ PSN network has to be a good sign that normal service may soon resume for everyone, though Sony has a long way to go to reassure its regular gamers and win back trust and loyalty.

We’d like to hear your thoughts about this? Do you feel that news of developers once again having access to the PSN means it will soon be back for all? Are you still remaining loyal to Sony and your PS3 or maybe you’ve just had enough of the uncertainty? Let us know with your comments.

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Comments (77)

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  1. Grieving says:

    R.I.P. Sony PSN

  2. O.BIN 911 says:

    so if it's not the CIA harvesting data, then NINTENDO did it…right?

  3. RamirezTDOT says:

    Im still loyal, and i always have been but no its not good news because they dont give exact dates! Just put it back up, they’re working with the FBI, if the hackers attack again wouldnt they kno where the attack is coming from ? Jutst put it back already, Sony has given its gamers the worst info ever!! They are like a blind person giving The gamers directions!

  4. Wazza777 says:

    No news from Sony in 4 days they r takin the piss out of millions of loyal fans get it sorted and get it done now

  5. boomer says:

    this is unreal another day and still no psn. Offline play is no good with cod, as said before why pay £40 for a 6 hour game to complete? Playin bots is also crap. Cmon sony get us goin again im sick of offline pay. If still no psn next weekend i will be going to buy black ops for my xbox and wont look back. However there is no denyin the ps is a better console, only downside is the connection when playing online.

  6. lew says:

    sony you have lost 100s of peoples mates on ps3 and your losing more daily get it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. noname says:

    HURRY P PSN U got americas up but not candas.!!!!

  8. Roberto says:

    Sony learned its lesson therefore I
    remain loyal to Sony. after all we all deserve a second chance. Ps3 still the most powerful consol in the market….

  9. rick says:

    i think the loss sony will experience will be more than what they think. i've had my ps3 for 4 years and just bought a new one a few months ago. its not sonys fault for the hacking but, the way the are handling the pr is not very good for their future. they dont say anything for days which doesnt help anyone. they say a couple of days, what the heck does that mean. 2 days 2 months, 2 years.
    never. if they would just let us know the truth that would be just fine.

  10. 123 says:

    I only want to play online matches, now!!! I can wait for the other stuff such as purchases, friend lists, messaging, etc……. I don't see what harm would be done to our identity with that service running. Also the time it will take to download the new update when service does return would be considered a blessing…. considering we don't have a clue what the heck is going on for a timeframe. I run a medium sized company, if I didn't communicate with my employees, suppliers, customers, etc. I wouldn't have a freaking job. Let's go SONY!!!!!

  11. CAPTNCOD says:

    Well that’s just great, I sure hope the developers are enjoying themselves. If the network doesn’t come back soon they may be the only ones who ever plays on it even after restoration. I was a loyal supporter of Sony and stuck by their side with all the trolling going around until this weekend. It’s simply not worth the wait if the company you support only supports you with vague updates (should be up soon), deception, and bold face lies. If Sony were my wife I would have divorced her under the grounds that she was being a b1tch.

  12. Airman71 says:

    Well, signs of life for PSN. I was able to download the new ver 3.61 but no sign in capability yet. Cross your fingers folks. We are close.

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