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HTC Thunderbolt Update: List Of Changes

May 14, 2022 | Tim Ollason

The HTC Thunderbolt has been seen as a thing of beauty since its release although there have been a few issues with it including some problems with texting and also complaints about its poor battery life. But if you think about it there’s quite a lot packed into the small device that could drain the battery.

Now we have heard through Phonedog’s Alex Wagner that the HTC Thunderbolt has an update so we thought we would bring you a list of the changes. Verizon announced that a software update would be coming for it last week and there are quite a few improvements that are coming in.

Whilst Verizon hasn’t officially confirmed the update we are getting emails sent to us to say that the update is coming through. The improvements are around the email and messaging, texts are now being stored in the correct parts of the messaging application, a more accurate location is displayed when using the weather widget, the timing for device activation has been improved and there are a few additional features.

The guys over at are also saying to expect more stable 3G and GPS connectivity following the update and that it only takes around 2 minutes for the update to apply before rebooting your device.

Have any of you received the update yet? Have you had any problems with it? If you have tell us in the comments section below.

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  • David

    Updated on Thursday. Six random reboots since the update. Verizon's suggestion - master reset. Still getting random reboots. HTC's solution - uninstall ATK. Still getting random reboots. Never happened before the update.

  • Lajuan

    After update, HTC is randomly rebooting. Contacted Verizon. They suggested I remove ALL of my apps and run it for a day or two. They believe it will resolve the issue. Lol! They have NO clue what to do about these issues. It’s still randomly rebooting. Lol! Battery life is still poor.

  • Darrin

    Got the update Thursday. 3G is better. GPS is better. No rebooting issues. No battery problems. But where is my video chat? Overall love the phone.