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Developer Takes Winklevoss Twins To Court

May 14, 2022 | Mike Smith

As the use of social networking site Facebook grows from strength to strength so does its value, by next spring it’s estimated to be worth in excess of $100 billion. With a huge valuation like this it’s no wonder the company seems to be constantly in court battling would be claimants.

The most infamous of these claimants were the Winklevoss twins who have constantly been battling with site founder Mark Zuckerberg to get a share of Facebook, in a new twist the tides have been turned and now a developer has taken the Winklevoss twins to court.

According to a post from The Dailymail software developer Wayne Chang has just been given the go ahead by a Massachusetts judge to sue the twins for a share of their $65million settlement fee, Chang feels he is entitled to a share as he developed peer-to-peer software for the twins website ConnectU and signed a contract that would give him joint ownership.

The twins say that the idea behind Facebook was taken from their website by Zuckerberg when they all attended Harvard, it’s because of this they received their recent payout. Following the payout Chang filed his own lawsuit against the twins, and claims that they are blocking him from receiving the cash he is due, you can read more on this by following this link through to the full post.

We can’t wait to see the outcome of this court case, it seems that not a single week can go by without someone else stepping forward and claiming that they are owed money from Facebook.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it’s good to see the Winklevoss twins getting a taste of their own medicine?

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