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Amazon Server Used To Breach PSN

May 14, 2022 | Mike Smith

Since Sony’s PlayStation Network went down on the 20th April many people have been left with a wide range of mixed emotions, many of these people have given up on PSN which has resulted in a rise of second-hand PS3’s. As PSN is currently undergoing final testing in Japan, were people acting too hastily giving up on Sony?

In the last few weeks since the outage we have noticed the main thing that has really annoyed people was the lack of regular information updates from Sony, as we know the network was hacked but what was not clear was how it was hacked. According to recent news it is thought that an Amazon server was used to breach the PSN.

According to this post from Softpedia the hackers used fake ID to rent a server on Amazon’s cloud platform, instead of breaking into their servers they used their newly acquired account to attack Sony’s systems. At the moment it’s not clear whether Amazons service was also manipulated in some way by the hackers.

All this has resulted in the second biggest online theft of personal information, Amazon is taking this situation very seriously and are co-operating with law enforcement in the ongoing investigation into the incident. The company’s Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos was heard saying at a recent event “Cloud security is Amazon’s top priority”, you can read more on what he had to say on this situation in this post from Bloomberg.

With both of these massive companies being involved in one of the biggest online security disasters to date it will leave many wondering how secure their online personal information actually is.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think more needs to be done to protect your personal information?

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