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Sony PSN Outage Avoided: “In The Know” Talk

May 13, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Since Sony’s PlayStation Secure Network first went down on the 20th April, we have been doing our best to keep you updated as to what the present situation is. Along with millions of other people, the big question is of course “When will the service be fully resumed.” At the beginning of this week we gave you news that the outage could possibly carry on until May 31st, and with this we asked our readers whether the time-scale is indeed justified?

Yesterday Debbie here at OSM gave you news that final testing was indeed being carried out in Japan with a restoration time of “Asap.” Although the news was somewhat vague, it does give the rest of us hope that perhaps something is happening! With the downtime expected to go on for at least another couple of weeks, we asked the question whether you would be happy to go back to Sony’s PSN and whether you have joined in with others in trading in your PS3 console for something else?

Today over at PC World, they have asked the question if all of this could have been avoided? It seems after speaking with security experts, although the reaction has been mixed, many have said yes. In an interesting article from Jared, suggestion has it that Sony were using an outdated version of the “Apache Web” server software. Along with this no “firewall” was included. According to President of the LA chapter of the Information Systems Security Association he said, “Everything I’ve seen suggests that this very, very much could have been prevented.”

Another expert Kris Alexander, Head of Gaming Strategy for Akamai said, “That it is common for attacks to come in multiple waves and often times, especially with malicious attackers, they’re planning just as hard as you to defend yourself.” His brief statement reflected the whole of the tech world not just Sony.

As PC World reported, the next expert review ties in with the majority of our readers comments. On the whole, many of you have felt disappointed with the way in Sony have dealt with the situation, allowing a week to then announce that personal information could indeed be tampered with. CEO of IT firm Hawkthorne Group Mike Meikle said, “That the company took too long to inform users of the security breach.” He then went on to say, “Many companies don’t have a process to address data breaches.”

If we revert back to what we said earlier about the experts’ having mixed reactions to the outage, one Bruce Schneier said, “No network is truly secure.” Other’s have said that users themselves now need to be vigilant, be prepared to change passwords frequently and even have a separate credit card for online purchases.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you feel that Sony should be forgiven and that lessons will be learnt from this? Or have you just cut your losses and decided to use another method of gaming?

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Comments (15)

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  1. Jason says:

    Very Very dissapionted with Sony & the PSN being down, (especiallly over the Easter long Weekend) for so long, we have gone to Xbox now. No firm dates when it will be back just the ASAP line- its taking tooo long to get back online.

    If the incentive is good enough I may go back to Sony but otherwise Goodbye.

  2. andrew says:

    Sony psn back on saturday may the 14th.
    I have my sources you will not be able to download games but you will still get online to sync trophies and play games.
    I will eat my socks if this is not true psn back online in japan tonight 3.00am uk time 20.00 but the uk will not see online until 3.00am bst saturday.

  3. killerheels says:

    Sony new they were being hacked by Anonymous two weeks before they shut down. If they had had shut down then this could have been avoided. But aleast now we will have a better secure service. so perhaps it was a good thing.

  4. zor says:

    still not temped by xbox live yet, but if the down time continues, compensation not good enough for the huge patience and royalty, then sadly bye bye ps3

  5. assassin 71 says:

    i think psn will be bk beter than ever i think the rats that jumped ship will find that xbox is not as good as thay think it is good luck counceling your gold memership becose thay keep taking your cash out and u cant councel it so for u new xbox peps have fun bye

  6. liam says:

    atleast the network will be so much harder to hack into, sony should be forgiven they have given me great service since i brought the system back in 2007, they have had some great updates since then! Maybe they could have done somthing about it, but the truth is, is that no one should be hacking anything!! It seems that the network will be back up in the next two days maybe. I have both consols and funnly enough i havnt played my xbox online once, even know iv got live for it, a bit of a waste of money, all eveyone has needed is to have a bit of patience! Just one thing i hope they have done in all this madness is… cross game chat i would love to chat to other people on other games, if not owell!! role on tomorrow, i hope when i wake up its back online :)

  7. porkpie eater says:

    why oh why are people trading in ps3 for the xbox….god its been a few weeks with no online play get a life ffs……had a xbox 360 hated it got a ps3 and loving it…..i know a lot of people with xbox 360 and ps3 who do not want to or cant play online they are more then happy.

  8. Bountyhunter22 says:

    @ least Sony shud give it’s customers some update aspa whats goin on, cus I was So tempted yesterday to get the Box but my love 4 my PS3 overrode the temptation. But better 2 b safe than sorry again

  9. chesse man says:

    Ok psn will be back on 14th May? riiiiiiiight good luck with that. The best we can hope for is the 31st of May AT BEST. If it is back on at the weekend i will hapily praise Sony and andrew as a god. PLZZZZZZZ BE TRUE

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