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Sony PS3 Blunder: Nintendo 3DS Price Drop, This To Blame?

May 13, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

For many of you, the Sony PSN outage has been too much to bear with many of you either deciding to steer away from Sony altogether, trade in your PS3 console for something else and so on. But we have to say on the flip side to this, there are a percentage of you willing to wait. Although the service was and still is reported to be resuming at the end of this month, we gave you news yesterday that final testing is taking part in Japan as we speak, so who knows, it may not be that long for the rest of us!

Just at the beginning of this week, we gave you news of a rumor that had surfaced. It said that Sony were thinking of bringing out a new PS3 bundle at the same time as the PSN network being resumed. The package would include Call of Duty: Black Ops at a price of $299.99. Today, over at ITProportal, Desire Athow has reported that giant retailer Game has dropped the price of the Nintendo 3DS gaming console.

Originally the price was £197 on launch, and has now gone down to £165 with as Desire said, an extra 4000 points totalling £10, therefore essentially bringing the price to £154.99.

We know that the Nintendo 3DS console has had a mixed bag of gaming reaction. Many have been pleased with their purchase although there have been a fair few of you that have complained about having headaches, dizziness and eyestrain from the 3D inclusion, with a percentage of you actually taking your device back for a full refund.

Just recently Tim here at OSM reported that the Nintendo 3DS sales have been somewhat lower than expected, so is this the reason for the sudden price drop or are Nintendo trying to entice PS3 lovers over to them? Difficult one as we know both offer completely different gaming experiences?

What are your thoughts? Are you tempted as a PS3 junkie to hop on over to Nintendo’s 3DS in light of the outage? Or perhaps you already have the 3DS, and if so, tell us if you have had any problems from ill-effects?

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  1. david c says:

    I wouldnt trade in a console at a huge loss, just because an online element was temporarily down. I bought a ps3 to play games and watch bluray ect, and these things I can still do.

    Those people who are trading in and getting an xbox should really consider what they are going to gain temporarily from that and think about what they are going to lose other than the money.

    On the upside now, I have just heard that developers are being allowed on the psn, so hopefully it shouldnt be too much longer before we can too.

  2. Joh Bin says:

    I bought a PS3 just so I could hack it and play it OFF-line. It works great. PSN is for suckers.

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