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HTC Flyer Official European Release: 3G & WiFi Models Hit Shelves

May 13, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

You may remember that towards the middle of last month, our very own Debbie Turner reported on HTC’s Flyer tablet and its release date believed to be May 9th. Well if you were one of the many waiting for the 7-inch slate to land, you will have seen this date come and go without any sighting.

Fear not though as the faithful day has come with Engadget reporting on the European introduction to the HTC Android tablet. As the 1.5GHz Flyer swoops on to the shelves, buyers can expect to pay from £480 for the 16GB WiFi equipped model, up to £600 for its 32GB 3G toting big brother. If however, you choose to select a monthly contract, you will be able to secure your own tablet for as little as £129.

Just yesterday we threw in a comparison against the main cause of the tablet phenomenon, Apple’s iPad 2. We took a look at the Flyers capabilities and commented on its styling and performance, how it lacked the Honeycomb addition but managed to still be a very efficient device.

If you check out HTC’s own store you will see that they are still listing pre-orders, but we have been assured that the units are available. All come with the Magic Pen or stylus so you wont have to dig deeper for this extra.

There is also a range of accessories to choose from, including pouches, screen protectors and in-car chargers. So what are you waiting for get your order in now for one of the latest tablets out there, or if you already have, let us know if your pleased with your purchase?

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