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Angry Birds Rio Update Now Live: Beach Volley Available

May 13, 2022 | Tim Ollason

Something that we have been reporting on recently is Angry Birds and the new update that has been on the cards for Rio. We first reported that the Rio update was revealed on Facebook and then there was a gameplay YouTube clip that we found and today we have some great news for you.

The Angry Birds Rio update is now live, Beach Volley as it’s called is available for you to download as we speak! Any Angry Birds fan will love the fact that there are 30 new levels with plenty of new bonuses and achievements as informed by the Angry Birds Facebook page.

The update is available to download from iTunes and also on the Android Market, just use the links to be directed for your respected device. Our first impressions of the game much like any other version of Angry Birds is that it’s still great, fun and simple. After playing through the first few levels we want to remind you about the pinch and zoom functionality of the game, in this version its essential to have a look around each level so you can pick up the golden goodies.

This is coming off the back of Angry Birds being launched for Google Chrome which will undoubtedly be a success; Angry Birds is well and truly taking over the world! Once you have played through the new levels tell us in the comments section below what you think of them and also if you think they are as challenging as some of the other levels we have seen in the past.

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