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Xperia Play Games Not Selling: PSN Outage The Cause?

May 12, 2022 | Mike Smith

When Sony’s PlayStation Network was breached earlier this month thousands of people were left with very mixed emotions, in the mist of all this we have been trying to bring you as much news as we can. In previous posts we have talked about a possible restoration time and how Microsoft planned to capitalize by offering free Xbox Live subscriptions.

The breach is not only bad for consumers as it could also have a severe detrimental effect on the company’s brand and products, recent news we have heard about the Xperia Play not selling games could be a cause of the PSN outage.

This news comes to us courtesy of Ubergizmo, in their post which you can read in full here they tell us that PSOne classic games being sold on the Android market have not been doing very well. Amongst the games all currently available not one has hit the thousand download milestone, and it seems this is not bothering the handsets manufacturer Sony Ericsson.

Darren Allan from Techwatch seems to think this lack of sales may not be down to a soiled reputation but simply down to the fact that the games available are not that appealing, so there is a possibility to see sales figures soar higher if more popular games are released. You can read more on his thoughts by following this link here through to his post.

Whether or not it is down to a soiled reputation or lack of appealing games we can’t help but think maybe the Xperia play is not the mobile gaming device that is was all hyped up to be, what do you think?

Do you own an Xperia Play? Are you happy with it?

Let us know your thoughts below

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  • David

    I have an Xperia Play and I am happy with it.

    I haven't bought any PSOnce games as I have installed FPSE which allows me to rip my old PSOne games to ISO and play them without paying for them a second time.

    There are plenty of second hand shops that still carry PSOne games, so I can go and buy a game I want for a couple of quid, get the physical media which I can use on a PC Emulator OR in FPSE, making it a cheaper and more flexible option than a download only, use on one device purchase from Sony.

    So guess why they are not selling so much, because I am sure I am not alone

  • BloggersLOL

    Let it get released in the USA before you start trying to get more hits on your little blog

  • woefinfioe

    i need better games :

    Tomb Raider

    Meal gear solid

    Resident Evil



    Mortal Kombat

    Tekken ??

    not wha is availible and what will happern is who the device is appealing to will find it less attractive and forget about it , resolting in a flop , ultimatly when i first about the device i figerd ok a psp emuator , would work , then i figerd at least if its psone games then , the ones of the psn now they a whole new thing together , and will be lookin at years until whats on psn will be here and ultimatly im not waiting that long , so in the short term this device will fail.

    If it has no exclusives , other then the small few and not very appealing psone games no ones gonna what them in this day and age ..

  • rhyz66

    Hey man,
    just take a gander at how long it takes to download a game, the amount of actually WORTHY games it has to offer and the fact that i can just download ALL the ps games as ROMS and play on FPse which is actually better in my mind as you have 2 mem cards as well as instant and anytime game save abilities, framerate boosts, spusync (sound) etc that add up to make one hell of a gaming library where the games rarely crash and you are able to store games on sd card as WELL AS THE GAME SAVES and am able to backup/restore it which saved massively on the internal mem. So far i have around 70 full games including all gameloft games (where mod combat 2 and starfront fails completely and dont work). This is my second phone as the first one was faulty and i am now having to send this one off too.

    The first time i lost all my game saves on FPse (as i didnt know about the restore/backup functionality on it) as well as crash and all other games, but atleast now i can save that game data which lets face it is the most precious data on the phone for us gamers who have just spent a whole month completing asphalt six to find that ur phone is faulty and you have to send it back. To then you lose all your game makes the WHOLE PHONE LOSE ITS NOVELTY APPEAL, and to be honest if this next 'replacement' is as bad condition im just gonna buy the Iphone 4 and finally be rid of this hassle with the xperia play as it just doesnt feel at all fluid and everything is in maintenaince and hasnt been developed properly yet even the games have some serious bugs that dont seem to be getting better (probz worse).

    Sony. You suck….

  • aros

    I have an Xperia Play and am very, very happy. It’s absolutely brilliant with emulators, it really can’t be under estimated in this regard.

    Gameloft games play great with physical controls, really enjoying some that I didn’t fancy playing with touch screen.

    It is a brilliant phone if you are a gamer. Who cares that they are not making much selling ps1 games for £3.99? If they were £1 or £1.50 I would buy them, but at that price it’s FPSE i’m afraid. Although I suggest every Xperia Play owner buys at least one game, to keep them coming. Destruction Derby was a waste of money though!