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Teachers Dance For Their Dinner At Baxter’s: YouTube Hit

May 12, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Think back to your old school days, after a morning slaving away at your desk in a boring maths lesson, your eyes would scan the clock waiting for the bell to sound announcing lunch. If your school was like mine and probably many others, the dash for the canteen was a fast and furious affair. You had to be quick to secure yourself the perfect position in the hall to sit amongst the mealy of other loud excitable kids.

Five days a week the same routine surrounds schools up and down the country, but for some pupils lunchtime can be a memorable occasion. This is certainly true for students of Bell Baxter High School in Scotland, as reported.

In order to celebrate their Year 11 pupils start of study leave, one senior student decided to arrange a little light entertainment to break up the monotony of the lunchtime ritual. With the help of Philip Black the school rector and other willing members of the teaching staff, a slick dance routine was performed in the middle of the lunch hall.

As Mr Black commented, “We are one of Scotland’s biggest schools, with 1,800 pupils, and we like to foster positive relationships with them, every year we say farewell to a lot of our seniors and we wanted to give them something to remember.” He went on to say, “One of the senior girls, Chloe Simpson, came up with the idea for a flashmob involving the teachers and said she wanted me to front it.”

After being posted on to YouTube the short clip has now gone viral with tens of thousands of people watching. It starts off by showing an almost normal school scene, before the music starts. Mr Black is then seen to patrol the hall, “I was to look stern and angry that music was being played in the dining hall – then break in to the YMCA dance with my depute rector Hugh Martin. Then everyone else joined in. Besides those involved, nobody knew what was going to happen.”

The routine consists of backing tracks from the Village People’s YMCA through to Los del Rios Macarena, finishing with Thriller by Michael Jackson and the Rocky Horror Show’s hit Time Warp. Check out the clip below and tell us if you remember ever having such an interesting lunch break?

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