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Sony PSN Not Online Yet: Who Will Go Back - Will You?

May 12, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We’ve been posting many articles about the Sony PSN hacking and outage incident and know from the huge response just how many of you are frustrated, concerned and feel let down by the lack of service. We’ve had many comments from people who say they’ve had enough of Sony, Sony’s PSN and their PS3’s, which begs the question, when service is restored who will go back – will you?

Among our recent posts we’ve given you an image of why the PlayStation Network is down, told how the service still not being back has led to panic for some, and also taken an alternative look at whether we should actually appreciate that it’s not back yet, all of which have provoked a big reaction from readers. Many of you feel that Sony’s lack of more communication with users has been one of the worst aspects of the way the situation has been handled. Although the Sony PSN blog has had the odd update it hasn’t been done so nearly enough or with enough information to satisfy many people.

We’ve also told how Sony will need to rebrand the PS3 after normal service is resumed but will that be too late, bearing in mind that many gamers have already said they are abandoning their PS3’s and moving to Microsoft’s Xbox 360. People have also lost trust in Sony and that may impact the company even more in the long-run. Although Sony has offered a ‘welcome back’ package, the longer the PSN is offline the least tempting it seems, and almost appears like a tease. Similarly reports of service being restored by the end of the month, and other news suggesting Sony hopes to get it back online in a few more days, sends mixed messages that are leading to even more aggravation.

We have now had hundreds of messages from readers and although the odd person says they will remain patient and don’t blame Sony for the fiasco in any way the vast majority feel very differently and are angry and disappointed. One comment reads, “I would rather they get the system secure and stable than rush it and them having to shut down several times to fix bugs over the next month or 2,” then adds, “Sony are not the first to be hacked and they wont be the last and maybe this will make other big companies wake up and put security very high up on its list of priorities.” Others though are more upset about what’s happening, for example another comment reads, “sony are trying 2 sort things out but iv lost my trust in sony i feel they have let us down 2 meny times i love the ps3 but the way things are going it dosent look good if they dont sort it out by 31st im switching 2 xbox id rather pay 2 play than not play at all good luck sony dont let us down plz.” And then there are the angry comments such as this one, “i think that this is a ridiculous ludacris a damn outrage that psn isnt back online and that we dont even have a estimated date when it will be back on if u ask me psn doesnt really give a damn about its costumers being us becuase it would have been on by now.”

Sony has a lot to do to make up for this in gamer’s eyes, with its reputation damaged and customers losing trust, being frustrated from not being able to use the PSN and also concerned about security issues. It’s possible of course that when service is finally restored, people will very quickly forget just how annoyed they were, but how many gamers will the company have lost by then?

What we really want to know from this then, is when the Sony PSN finally comes back online, don’t know where, don’t know when, will you be going back? We’re interested to hear from you about this so do let us have your comments.

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  • Kenny

    I think if sony really cared about its customers, they give updates at least everyday, if not twice a day just to reassure they are actually doing something and let us in their loop. Them keeping us unaware of whats going on just frustrates us and builds up angry customers. Fair enough you can't give a definite estimate of when its coming back up, but at least give regular updates…

  • @KingKehinde

    The weird things i've been doing for entertainment without PSN…lol

  • Ash

    I've been a keen gamer for 15 Years now and the outage is annoying me somewhat….But I wouldnt swap my PS3 for an XBOX 360, at the end of the day if you want multiplayer gaming……….then go to your friends.

  • Adam

    I dont really want to but, It’s my only console at the moment so yes, ill have to

  • Chris

    Of course I will be going back..what a stupid article.
    I won't be selling my Playstation just because of this.


    Funny how an offline PS3 still better den an online XBOX.. Sony needa hurry da hell up tho dey workin 2 slow i kant play wit da komputer it jus aint right i gota play wit real living people not a muthafukkin machine. Still betta den XCocks tho

  • Sandy83

    I will be staying with Sony, fair enough their security measures weren't brilliant but people are blaming Sony for what hackers did it's like accusing a murder's parents and not the murderer himself!!! Hate the hackers not Sony, if you want an X Box buy one but remember that this could have easily of happened to microsoft.

  • bugoy

    "Sony has a lot to do to make up for this in gamer’s eyes," apparently these are bitching nerds who don't have anything to do with their lives. real talk

  • Slavik

    I bought ps3 160gb slim 2 weeks ago and I enjoy playing offline. I'd give sony as much time as they need to fix the problem. I am not rushing to go online yet because I may as well practice offline to get better at fifa and then sony should fix the problem by the time I get better :)

  • Fathomsfan

    Have patience people… Better to have it fixed properly… However, the games on offer in the welcome back pack had better good…

  • wayoffprod

    i'll stick around! partly due to the fact that I baught my ps3 2 days after the hack thinking it would not last long. and secondly because from 2 of the 3 games I own are ps3 exclusive. and out of the games I plan on buying soon most of them are exclusive. I am not a hardcore gamer as you may realize but it is true it isn't completely their fault. it was a bit stupid from them. but in the end it could happen to the concurrence. you have to face the facts

  • gavin

    what i think is the most important question is this:

    Lets say the psn comes online today or tomorrow, have sony come up with a solution to the heavy ammount of traffic thats going to hit the server upon activation. And can the store cope with millions of downloads of the free games they will be giving to european gamers? What happens if it gets overwhelmed and freezes or shuts down again or denies people connection due to being too full? Thats the main concern i would have thought, any ideas?

  • macemyster87

    i am just waiting i am frustrated because i believe they culd of give us more information about the whole thing, but if its going to make it better than wicked just hope they sort it out soon because alot of my mates are just switching to the div box

  • Glen

    Just want to start playing again! I need black ops!! having massive withdrawls!!! Its the only thing that stops me from gamling.

  • gr_reaper

    it's a dan deal! im so aggravated,im going to buy an xbox! im done! sony is pathetic! they cant even give you a date of when the pns will be back up, so at least you know.very sad thats all i can say

  • Rob

    Of course they'll go back…IMO - people forget or don't realise XBOX was down for a lot longer a year or so ago. Personally, I have an XBOX already but only got 1 as my mate had 1, to play online with him. But now we've not played for a while (and with the ps3 Being offline) I'm still not paying for XBOX, it's a waste of money IMO…
    But to Sony - do start giving out more info, that is the main cause for people being frustrated…It's tomorrow, it's the weekend, now it's the 31st…not good really?

  • mark

    Im in two minds about this atm.
    On one side i understand that the psn will be down for as long as needed to bring it back with all the latest security and infrastucture and im aware of the massive amount of work im sure they are doing.
    But on the other side im now at a point where im very angry with the communication from sony and now 3 weeks later when you read through their blog updates from the start of this one thing seems clear. Sony have kept all of its customers in the dark but with little bits of hope, like " the psn could be down for a full day or 2" or " we hope to restore some services by the end of the week" or "could be a few more days yet" and the last " full psn restored by 31st"
    This is not good enough sony knew the psn was going to be down for an extended time from day one but were too affraid to let its paying customers know the truth.
    Thing is if they said 3 weeks ago the psn will be down for a month i would still be sitting patiently waiting for its return but with allot more respect for sony. Because of their treating of customers like puppets on a string i have no respect for them at all now.
    But still love my ps3. cheers.

  • Tyson

    Well I am not very happy with the lack of information! I already have both consoles but have given serious thought to selling all things Sony (Lap Top, TV, PS3, PSP, MP3) to name a few of my items. The only thing that will encourage me to hold onto PS3 at the moment is the Nathan Drake Franchise. So I ask myself has my long time loyalty to all things Sony already gone? What will I do if console exclusive games no longer exist ?!

  • Daniel

    I'm not switching console - so I will be going back online once the PSN returns. My brand loyalty has been eroded though so in the next console generation, I'll make an objective decision on whether to head to Microsoft or stay with Sony.

    Sony hacked - I forgive them for that. Personal information and credit card details stolen? I can forgive that too. Major PSN downtime? Annoying but forgivable, too.

    Pathetic communication with customer base and infrequent and lousy blog updates? That much is unforgivable because it costs nothing and it's one of those "small" things you remember long after whatever has gone before.

    I don't want a daily update saying: "we're working on it". But it's now been three weeks and these people do not even have an ETA? That is laughable. The latest is another cheeky "at least" a few more days. Nice and open.

  • Humzah

    when will psn will come back online
    please reply

  • jack

    The alternatives…Buy an Xbox….Buy a top notch gaming PC.
    I would think that like myself the majority of people have not got the money to fork out for either of those thus leaving us with a little black box of fear, mistrust and discontent.
    So going back on to using PSN!?!? The majority i would think will go back yes due to little choice.
    I would like to say that though i am angry with sony for their negligence, i am double angry at whoever were behind the hack, they who felt it would be ok to ruin peoples fun and escape.

  • pissedofPSNUSER

    lol same old same old what do we expect from sony thay could not even get the dating system right on the old ps3 (rember the leap year problem) so how can we expect the to run a globle network but there time scale for the psn to come online is STUPID i never new that a couple of days in japan = week's for the rest of the world.
    come on sony wake up and get it sorted befor you LOSE for good

  • IgoArd_Teef

    To be honest when the PSN first went down I was very disappointed but since it has been 22 days now I am quite used to the PSN being down and actually it has let me explore other offline games that I didn't even know about. I am a call of duty fanatic and the offline mode does not cut it for me but patience is a virtue. I have faith that Sony will make do with they're customers and also to game developers to have lost money during this outage. A couple days ago Sony said it may be a couple of days to have some services restored. This I really don't believe, Sony will release another blog either today or tomorrow stating that it may be another week or so. Remember you heard this first from here.

  • Tim

    Nice "image" on the other post - couldn't have scanned it or at least used something better than a phone to take a picture?

  • iHateAllThtExist

    Yes i have been a loyal customer since the ps1 and after all these years sony lets this happen? in my eyes its 100% their fault because their security was severly outdated?! now if ur a big company like that, how are u gonna let ur security be trash?!?!? i will not change to xbox but if somthing doesnt happen within this week i will definately switch because sony is making an ass out of itself. we all kno PSN is fine, they just want everything to go back on at once! in all honesty people dont care about qriocity music we have itunes for that! all im asking is to bring psn back up.

  • Ketan

    I will be back, Always being Loyal to playstation with all their consoles I do use my ps3 a lot. I am also annoyed at Sony and was at one stage tempted to move to xbox, but as unlikely as it may be, I have my fingers crossed that Sony will make it up to us through more than just what they have offered as a couple free downloads does not really cut it when people have had to wait so long for something that Sony should have protected against long ago.

    This is a good lesson for Sony, no matter how much they protect the security, there will always be a hacker who is more advanced and is able to break through it. Its a fact shown throughout history and they should in a sense jailbreak there own console to allow use of its full potential. Ok Sony may lose out here and there, but jailbreaking does not mean allow downloadable games, but it allows for people to express their own ideas and techniques into a console capable of so much more than just what it does now: games, movies, yes but also, freezing, lagging, VERY slow downloading, inability to update flash players etc, rare software updates with something actually worth while, etc etc, Sony really needs to step up or I dread to see the figures of how many loyal fans they have lost in this battle.

  • Jimmy

    I will be sticking with ps3 i think it is the best, its just pathetic switching to xbox which also got hacked, can people just wait until it is fixed, you do have friends and family don't you spend some time with them. hope you get psn back up and running soon sony.

  • Ak

    Sony knows how desperate we all are to get back online but they have to take their time and do a proper job to ensure this doesnt happen again. They will obviously be working as fast as possible because they know how much damage this is doing to them. I certainly wont be changing consoles, PSN will come back stronger and better than ever.

  • Matty2Fatty

    First of all, it's interesting how the "angry" posts are written by illiterates whilst the "reasoned post's are'nt.
    That aside I find met half myslef cornered into remaining a PS3 user, as making the switch to Xbox does'nt make sense financially.
    I made enquiries around my local gaming stores and the most I could expect to recieve for my top spec PS3 was £150!
    Even if I chopped my games with it I would still have to find £200+ just to get my games back and then still have to find £40 for XboxLive.
    Then I also have to shell out for a new BluRay player!
    So in short, unless you have X amount of cash to burn by making the switch, you are stuck with Sony.

  • jay

    sony cant be blamed for the invasion but they can be blamed for lack of updates on there blog, there few and far between and they all say the same bs just in diffrent words twice they have said it will be back by this date and failed to stick to it, i personally dont subscribe to ps+ but i feel sorry for all the ppl that do , sony need to get this sorted and give the loyal players more updates with more info rather than rephrasing the same usless junk.

  • D Knowles

    The waiting I can put up with, if the security system need rewriting it needs rewriting and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

    It is the LACK OF INFORMATION released by SONY which I find annoying. If I have to wait a month to play my favourite game again then I'll wait a month as long as someone tells me thats the case. There is nothing worse than being left in the dark. Communication is key and I would have expected SONY to know and respect that fact.

  • shanice

    i just hope that they will be on before the 31st i didnt think id miss it but lately i have. its a shame that its happen to sony and being such a large company you would think that they would of had the best of the best security there is, im not angry im disappointed iv been a playstation girl all my life but theres no way on hells earth am i going to swap my ps3 for a crappy xbox and its bad that they are leading the ps3 gamers to xbox by having free subscription. i love ps3 so please bring it back soon i think i speak for most ps3 gamers when i say that :) .

  • Jack

    im now on xbox, its just beyond a joke now

  • Youngnfurious

    Are you serious?….everyone out there is just mad and frustrated because they cant play online with there PS3!!!…that's all it is right now…is blowing steam off at Sony!!!….I know for a FACT when the system is back up and running…all them gamers who wanted/or did jump ships will be back with Sony…and once they get the adrenaline rush back again from multiplayer Black Ops or whatever game…all this hacking/breach fiasco will be forgotten…as for my own security measures with PSN…i will use my (new) credit card to buy online only because i know Sony hasn't just installed any anti hack program into the main hub, im pretty damn sure they gone all out to research a program that'll make there security system close to the Death Star system!!!…lol Sony cant afford to disappoint us again and i know they wont!!!…..PS3 will always be the preferred console over Xbox for serious gamers!!!…Xbox will always be just a Entertainment System Console!!!

  • Ehja

    The way I see it is simple, if they make it worth my wild to come back to the ps3 I will, but if they aren’t offering anything for this BIG inconvenience I will stick with xbox. They have to prove to the consumer that’s it’s worth it to trust them again also.

  • AK273

    If Sony had kept us up-to-date in what's going on exactly, we would understand what would be going on, and thus not go mad by the shut down. I don't know what do I do now but stay stuck in my PC games; I already got myself Medal of Honor in PS3, but once the PSN became down I bought another Medal of Honor game but in PC. I don't care about how Sony handles its security system; every console would have a security flaw in it and it would never be perfect. What I do care about is the lack of communication of Sony officials with the gamers. Not keeping up with their promise of restoration dates was the biggest mistake they have every made…

  • terry

    sony you are pethetic - yor treating customers like dirt, hardly any communication no estamate date to when it will be back online i've got a sony laptop, tele, and ps3 and i swear i'll never buy anything from sony ever again and i've also had enough of being ignored so i'm going out today and buying an xbox and will take great pleasure in burning my ps3! no amount of compensation could ever make me change my mind as it could never excuse the complete lack of respect you've shown so you stick it where the sun don't shine you poor poor excuse of a company.

  • dave hampson

    i will be going back to psn but only because i dont have the funds to buy an xbox being a new parent. i went to try and trade in my ps3 yesterday but was only offered £100 for it so decided to keep it and wait it out!!!!!

  • ghregr

    hell yeah i'm going back, i'm not going to lose a year of getting trophys and stats just to switch to da xboxe cuz of a 3-4 week outage!

  • scott nottm

    im fast losing it with psn and i have 3 ps3's in my house it is looking good to moving to xbox certainly if it isnt on by the end of the month ill be moving over to the darker side

  • Stu

    I'll be going back, hopefully all the people who are slagging Sony off will go to XBOX and then we will be rid of some of the idiots who just annoy black ops. Yes Sony have not been communicating very well with us but as long as they are concentrating on fixing the problem and not worrying about holding press conferences then I dont care. I love my PS3 and playing games but there is more to life, its probably doing some people a favour as they have no choice but to go out and do something.

  • sophie cockrell

    this is just something that happens, i have been a huge fan of sony since the ps1 and will always will be, it sucks yer but this gives chance for people to play some awesome offline games like enslaved and mass effect two, its not all bad and people have to look on the bright side, we are getting free stuff out of it !!!!

  • dougie23

    one thing that get me is y can they not just let use play on line yes the accounts details are a problem but we do not needed them to play online only to buy things
    so just switch this part back on and sort out the account details later
    i going to have forgot how to play COD

    thanks all

  • The Truthspeaker

    I love my playstation 3. It's a terrific machine. Many PS3 games are awesome. That said- the hacking did nothing but expose how utterly incompetent the human component of Sony is. Worse, they simply don't respect their consumers enough to be honest. If you wanted to know if PSN was down you had to go looking for it. If you weren't actively looking for it you might not even have heard your personal information was stolen. I've joined many others who have called Sony and told them that we will not be purchasing NEW games for the Playstation 3. We will purchase USED games, which give no profit to Sony, so that we won't be punishing ourselves by not playing great PS3 releases. Respect us or lose our money, it really is as simple as that.

  • Gynxed

    It's just other day in the dark, I never have never will trust sony or any company with my credit card details (except my net provider and phone/cell company), PSN Nework Cards FTW!, Anyhow.. i've been a sony 'fanatic' sincee the playstation "one", all the way through ps2 then of course on the ps3,
    i've been mad…been fustrated..been annoyed…now my feelings towards sony are none existant, i browse looking for the odd update but other than that i could care less anymore..i certainly wont be going back to sony, i switched to 360 early last week and £40 a year may seem steep to some, but at least your console will do what it says on the box…if you bought a new sony laptop and could get on line with it would you go out and buy another one? or would acer ect seem more appealing knowing its actually going to work!

  • Josh

    no i wont be going back sold my ps3 yesterday and my new xbox rule now i prefer xbox 360 :)

  • gynx


  • Alfie

    All good things come to those you wait.

  • D Booth

    I will be going back, In my opinion as an average game player is that if it puts the idiots off that continually try to spoil gameplayers online experience, I will be very happy if they join Xbox instead.

  • Andy_San

    I will remain loyal. I've had an Xbox & don't plan on getting another one. I consider myself a keen gamer (so much so I'm studying Game & C.A Design at University) but you wont catch me rushing out to squander 200+ notes just to get my call of duty fix like the rest of you square eye'd mugs. Others who are paranoid of another breach or just the whole ordeal in general, have peace in mind, you could blame Sony for lacking in the security department but lets face it the Pentagon's been hacked before which goes to prove ANYTHING can be. If you HAVE to point fingers then point them in the directions of the clowns that thought it was a good idea. And that comment in the article 'Sony don't care about there customers' of course not they grow they're own money off trees, what would they need consumers for?

  • K1-010


  • treadstone

    Another waste of time space fill for the media - Yes, I will and everyone else will because its free of charge and we like that. Please stop these useless questions every hour of the day.

  • longy

    The way I see it is Sony will have already lost a large market share and this will affect the company long term.Along with millions of pounds/dollars in revenue, Sony are loosing here way more than we are.
    I have an xbox and wii and ps3, I play FPS mainly, since the psn outage I havnt even touched the Xbox???? I miss my games but xbox just dosnt cut the mustard for me.
    In conclusion I think we have had a good service up to now and although a pain in the ar*e it should be alot better in the future and at least the weathers nice at the Mo. :P

    Im sticking with Sony ,,,,Sod filling microsoft's extremely large pockets any more than I must.

  • Dan Kahuna

    Good to see the PSN members are practising their spelling while CoD isn't available…..

  • adam rosevear

    I for one will be standing by Sony as there machine is far superior , Yes the online service isn’t as tight as xbox (god that was hard to type lol ) I have two ps3′s and they’ve done me proud . Wait and c what happens is what I say ,it was probably Microsoft that hacked it anyway u can’t trust bill gates lol

  • nathan

    omg i hate the hackers they can go to prison for stealling peoples credit card information

  • wolfking

    without a doubt I will be going back, I'm not going to go just because of some stupid hackers, sony are making it safe and secure and I would prefer them to fix it now and take as long as they need rather than them fixing it in another 3 or 4 weeks and risking the chance of been hacked again,

  • Matty

    ill defos be staying SONY FOREVERR

  • Steve Ponsonby

    When it first went down I was slightly concerned that a major company could be so easily destroyed and put out of business for a matter of weeks. I trusted Sony with my card details many times and have had to then change them details due to this. I highly doubt I will purchase anything on PSN again due to them not even being able to hold there ground with a hacker let alone let them take any details. I understand many people say that it is not there fault, however; surely some security should of been in place due to bank details being saved. Sony have always portrayed them selfs as a high-tech and smart company - the Apple of the gaming world in a way, and yet they did not foresee something like this could happen?

    I my self have lost trust in Sony, as to whether or not I will play my PS3 again, I am unsure, but I 100% will not purchase anything on PSN again.

    Thank you.

  • john

    hahahahaa first comment :)

    tbh i couldn't care less i already have a 360 but i do think ps3 is a better console im still entertained for now…

  • leigh

    hmmm…interesting to see that those most angry also can't seem to spell - ludicrous is spelled like this not some the way some rapper thinks its spelled, I've - notice how it has an e on the end, many actually has an a - the list can go on.

    Maybe instead of whinging during the PSN downtime they could be doing something useful - like learning how to spell.

    When the PSN does return, not only will it be more secure - but all the idiots will have gone over to xbox making the PSN a much nicer albeit an adult place.

  • G Shuck

    It's not only the PSN network that is affected, it is ALSO their MMO playerbase, evidently some database from 2007 was unsecure and that was accessed as well. I received an e-mail from SOE (Sony Online Entertainment a division of Sony) warning me about the illegal access to personal information and credit card information.

  • angry

    already gone to xbox, sony can go to hell.

  • G Shuck

    I "was" a customer of theirs for many years, I played their MMOs, thus it is not only the playstation network that has been affected..its their other online entertainment as well. THAT's alot of people and alot of consternation. And alot of information that should have been private but now is open and exposed for use by these hackers. I think…not only should they be fixing their networks..databases, etc. They should also have the FBI or whomever does that sort of thing..chasing these guys down before they do alot of damage. Identity theft, would be big on the list along with illegal use of your credit card. SOE has done some stupid things in the past, and paid for it by mass exoduses from one of their popular games..but this has to take the cake. Really. Far as I am concerned I won't be using their services ever again. I was a longtime customer, from 1999 onward. My goodness..the sheer size of this is mind boggling.

  • danny

    im done waiting for a date on when PSN will be back online and done checking every morning, afternoon, evening, and even midnight for it… i grabbed a pistol, called some friendz, and hung all 4 of my ps3z up along with 3 otherz, which were my friendz onez… guess wh@ psn??? TARGET PRACTICE!!!

  • Freddie

    Ive being usins Xbox live while PSN has been down and think i'll stick with the Xbox now for any new games too. Lack of communication by Sony has just annoyed PSN users.

  • Daniel Hobden

    I really don't understand why moving consoles is an issue.. No matter how complex the system anything computer based can be hacked really, even government files have been stolen this way. If people are worried about their information being stolen then surely the question is why are you putting your details into a computer in the first place.. go and buy the game from a store. So what if you can't play on-line games for a month or so. It's a free service and it's going to be damn hot on security when it's back!

  • ben burbage

    i will stick by sony.

  • Goatan

    I would rather that they make sure the network is secured and take their time to do it right. However I have been very diappointed in the complete lack of communication from Sony. Its as if they are treating everyone like they were responsible for the this themselves. I feel like I have been punished for something that I didn't do.

    I have already returned to xbox and its unlikely that any future online games will be purchased for the PS3. I used to be huge PS3 fanboi but aside from the exclusive titles I will now be purchasing xbox only games. This is despite the the fact that I have to pay to play online. I would rather pay for a service than have no service at all. At least I'm not treated as a pirate by microsoft.

  • allan

    seriously thinking about going xbox, dnt want to but i feel i have no option, im only home 6mth of the year & when i get home theres nothing more i like than online gaming but its not happening this month. poor show sony!!!

  • Riteshb222

    It may take much longer to be back online as estimated but i'm patient. PS3 is the best. i agree it is frustrating but what you want more? for sure we will get a more reliable network with reinforced security. for those who wants to switch to xbox, goodluck, as hackers don't spare anyone.

  • Mike

    I for 1 will not be switching to xbox just because i havent had my daily fix of COD. I agree with the first comment stated in the article, That is i would rather them take their time than rush it and balls it up and have to shut it down all over again. So for what its worth Sony take your time ill be outside in the fresh air socializing with my friends and not crying about whether il be able to play COD today.

  • Mike

    I don't trust Sony and I can't imagine why anyone would. They did their best to try and cover this whole thing from the beginning by claiming they were performing 'maintenance' instead of coming right out and admitting what had happend, and why it had happened.

  • Mike

    They've only seemed to admit to things when they've been brought to light be external sources, which really isn't good enough. We can blame the hackers for their part in all this, but as an insecurity expert stated in a recent news article (Dr. Gene), "Sony was using outdated software on it's servers and didn't even have a firewall". Sony knew it was outdated for months before these attacks and did nothing, which some say was practically begging to be hacked. What was Sony's excuse? The issue was 'reported in an open forum monitored by Sony employees', yet Sony declined to attend when invited.

  • Mike

    You can hardly blame PS3 users for moving to Xbox 360. Despite how I feel about all this, I won't be joining them. I've been with Sony since PS1. I'd hardly say I'm a loyal customer, I just prefer their console, joypads etc over any other current. Lucky for them. I'm also interested to know what they're prepared to do to make it up to their remaining customers, besides a couple of free games and a free month of ps+. We'd be fools to leave now.

  • Jesse

    Bit of a joke a multi billion dollar comany cant get their ass's in gear.. Obviously their main sorce of income isnt psn other wise they'd be putting more effort into fixing and or informing their "customers" when they ll be back.. strike 1 was shut down and no explanation for a week strike 2 was missing their first deadline on being back strike 3 will be missing this one and I bet most of their customers wont be coming back.. (if there are many customers left.)

  • Adrian Barker

    I am very frustrated that it is taking so long and very poor with updates but i will stay with PS3 as it is better than XBOX. I think that Sony should give more updates and stick to wot they say or give a good reason and not just move the Goal posts.

  • ohsojoe

    What happened was a major security breach with a possible 3.7 million people's financial information being compromised. If it means that they can do all they can to stop this from happening again, then they should take their time and do it properly.

  • Andrei

    i hate waiting but im not going to xbox live ive been there before and its just bad so sony please i have not lost my trust in u so please fix it soon

  • Malk

    I don't mind waiting for Sony to get this all sorted and right. What I do mind however is the complete lack of information coming out of Sony as to progress and maybe keep us more in the picture as to developments so us, the customer, can accept being patient for a little bit longer as we know the service will be better i the long run. Keeping us all in the dark only alienates us and makes us feel more frustrated. Sony should remember that in all relationships communication is key.

  • generaldecosta

    I will be waiting for the PSN to come back online so I can tell my friends I intend to convert to the xbox.

    I am sick of the false promises and lame excuses, not only with the PSN outage but the firmware updates too.
    Update 3.60 has caused my controller to malfunction and although thousands if not millions of people have experienced problems like this, Sony seem to deny it is their problem.

    There doesn't seem to be any respect for the customers, so why should they stay loyal?

  • Matias Fredericks

    i'm just gonna go about business as usual and instead of waiting for psn i''ll just play on mah pc. Patience is something all spoilt children should learn….(the angry consumers)….if u play psn everday…GET A LIFE U STUPID PPL!!!! pull ur head out of the clouds and get a real life…GET A JOB and buy more games or something……>:

  • Davies

    It's frustrating, I will forgive Sony if they use their corporate might to have the courts Worldwide to impose much more severe penalties on hackers of all levels. Hackers are the absolute scum of the earth, hacking into to someone's account, be it PSN, facebook or their computer to me is the same as breaking into their house and rifling through their files. There should be a minmum term of 1 years imprisonment for anyone found guilty of hacking or sending or creating viruses. The internet needs to be much better policed, starting with computer companies developing products that somehow leave a footprint that can't be lost trough using sub masks or whatever these clowns do.

  • Matthew

    Do we notice how the comment from the person backing up Sony is well written and intelligently worded and the comment that is being less than reasonable is obviously written by an internet dwelling pre-pubesant underling? Also the last one is really just a case of wanting your cake and eating it too, you don’t need to pay to play online with Sony and so what if you can't play online for a bit, it could be a hell of a lot worse. So far I’m still backing Sony and I wish them all the best in their efforts. I wish people would be a bit more patient and a lot more appreciative.

  • DaFonz

    I can wait its worth it rather than paying. Many sites can be hacked. Microsoft has been hacked before Sony already.

  • http://Googlesearch I’m ok……… Just

    Well I myself sold my xbox and brought a ps3 a week before psn went down although it’s been a tough slog without online gaming and dispite nearly having swapped my ps3 3 times for another xbox I remain patient the failings of xbox live far out weigh the online time I’ve lost with my ps3 on xbox you just get nasty people kids with no respect at all calling you all the worst things under the sun for beating them on games the racism is sickening on xbox live and I’m a White guy saying that I find Microsoft do not care about it’s customers as much as Sony after all xbox charge for the privilege of being verbally abused they do not govern age restriction on games and allow anyone to hack games and cheat there way through xbox live and the online gaming we all enjoy!!! Now I find this extremely funny because I am new to ps3 and I’m really hoping to be able to stick with Sony but I do have a friend that has had ps3 since it came out and always raved about it and yes folks I was xbox blind back then now the reason this is so funny is because I know where my friends ps3 is at the moment and that is at the bottom of a lake right outside his house yes you read that right he had thrown his ps3 320 gb 300 pound console into a lake with the fish and ducks and everything he got so annoyed with psn being down and whilst he had mw2 still inside he’s console decided he could not handle being offline for such a vast amount of time with what he says let down after let down from Sony!!!!!! So there you go guys two extremes for you me a patient gamer giving Sony the benefit of the doubt and a die hard life long psn fan I.e my mate who has REALLY thrown his ps3 in a lake! Come on Sony stop the bloodshed many consoles I’m guessing will die lol peace out !!!

  • Bob crofts

    As an older player i wanted to comment on how dissapointed i am with sony on ther lack of information , allso i noticed that our local shop has stopped taking in ps3's in part exchange for x-box 360 ?? i asked why and was told that they bleieved they could no longer sell them as the bottom has dropped out of the market due to the way Sony has behaved (Not the actual hack , but Sonys lack of decent treatment and communication with its client base

  • Kris

    Ill be staying with 'em all the way, people who say they're swapping to Xbox, so what? you throw a £250 machine away for a £120 machine that burns your games if you sneeze next to it or vibrate it in any way. Xbox went down a while back and got fixed, PSN will be back and fixed soon, obviously they take care of their system/servers especially since its not full of 14 year olds calling you a 'noob' or 'fag'.

    To put it simple, rush a cake and it comes out flat as ass, take your time and you get a nice firm cake. The cakes the PSN for all you people who are going to come on and post EVERYTHING IN CAPS CAUSE YOUR SMARTER THEN EVERYONE..

  • Alan B

    whys is everyone stressing? be patient. Iv pre ordered brink on the ps3 so i want it to come back. does not mean im gunna get an x box. Like this said I would rather wait for them to sort it. This could easily of happed to Xbox. In fact it would be funny if alot of people go to xbox and the same thing happens to them. lol. At the end of the day PSN and online is free. Plus ps3 has Kratos and Nathen Drake.

  • Dane

    Their handling of the situation has been a PR disaster. It shouldn't have taken a week to reveal the possibility that credit card details had been compromised. Regardless of how unlikely the event may be / may have been, it should have been announced immediately and a company of Sony's standing ought to have known this. As for the repeated failures to restore PSN, which should have been up by last Wednesday, by the end of the last week, "in a few days", and now we're being told either "a few more days" or the end of the month?

    If Sony had communicated with its fanbase from the onset and were honest enough to say "We don't know when we'll have it back, but rest assured it will be as soon as possible", far less people would have been alienated, myself included. It's not the fact they were hacked in the first place (even if that may have been their fault for overlooking security), or how long it's taking them to restore the PSN, it's how they've conducted themselves. Not fanboy or fangirl can defend that.

    Will PS3 gaming / PSN ever be as popular as it once was? Given how only a very small minority aren't alienated, that seems unlikely at this point. Sony had better hurry before it's too late. At least that way they'd hang on to the large group who are only unhappy with how long it's taking. As for the rest of us who's discontentment goes above and beyond merely that, they have a long way to go if their credibility is ever to be restored in our eyes.

  • GM.

    Personally, I will not be switching consoles. I understand people are angry about the outage, but it's important to consider the demographic; most angry users are teens who rely on the PS3 as their main hobby. They are, by default, more likely to switch to a system with a working service, just for the sake of playing online.

    Other customers, like myself, are thoroughly annoyed by the situation, but are willing to wait to make sure Sony patches EVERY hole in their system. Blaming Sony for the lack of communication is a valid point, at the same though we have to consider the fact they may be witholding information to avoid becoming an even easier target right now.

    Finally, I'm sure I will get flamed for saying most angry users are teens with nothing better to do, but who's going to prove me wrong? I'm a pretty fanatical gamer myself, and yet when PSN went down, I had no problems filling up time with other activities, instead of ripping on Sony and threatening to switch consoles. I'm just as disappointed as most of you guys, but damn - get a life, and I mean that in the most positive and encouraging way possible.

  • christopher butler

    well im not bothered at all that the PSN is down coz its giving me more time to myself and my family so in way im glad that its down and when it comes back on ill notice the difference in it and be happy that i waited for sony to switch it back on so in way be patience and it will be worth the wait and would you pay to play online or have better security when playing online knowing that sony did it for your safety and your details coz i would and everyone else should as well thanks

  • slfrombk

    i will go back on i guess ama just work on my life till psn is back on lol i do check everyday but even if i tryed to switch i cant turn on ps3 f**k xbox360 sony u better not f**king let down i mean it in a good way plzz come back strong and knock xbox out their shoes

  • andrew

    when thats what i want to know when

  • Matty2Fatty

    No comments??? I posted one an hour ago…. whats the ponit in asking us questions if you do not publish the answer's!

  • KDStudios

    All we have to do is wait I guess. On the list of companies I'd rather trust… Microsoft is definitely NOT one of them. Sony has let us down yes. But I trust them. It's not like they GAVE away the information that was taken. It was taken and hacked away by a source outside of the company. A criminal who should be locked up. Would you blame a shop for losing it's stock when a thief came in and stole it? No. Why should this be any different?
    Blame the filthy scumbags that hacked Sony. Reflect your anger towards them.

  • Albert Smith

    I hate it being down, but what can I do? But I'l tell you that I am certainly not going to shell out 300 for a different console, and then start building up an all new collection of games.

  • mike

    i have both but i honestly still think that sony it better…

  • Roark-L

    I'm getting sick of all these sony bashing blogs and news articles, some are subtle, some are direct. They all have the same message. It was a hack, shit happens get over it.

    People who are trading consoles are idiots and posers, i own over a 100 ps3 games along with every damn ps3 accessory to ever come out. I bought a 3DTV for the PS3, I have spend over 6 Thousand Pounds on this brand. A Month's outage isn't going to sway me, even if i do jump ship to the 360 all my merchandise becomes useless as well. That's also a cost thats there to bear, can i afford a 360, yes, do i want to throw away my investment in the PS3, NO.

    I bought the damn console on launch, it got busted, bought another one. Brands and reputations take decades to build and they are built for this very day to survive the bad times purely on faith.

    Anyone who has bought the 360 and traded in his ps3, probably only owned a couple of games and played COD online primarily. Such customers are unimportant in the long run, they will jump off the 360 at the slightest hitch as well.

    While Online Connectivity is a heavy part of video games, Sony offers alot more than just PSN. No one bought the system for PSN, they bought it for various other reasons and yes most of them. The ones that matter to Sony will stay.

    Consumers who buy 1 game a year are of no real use to companies. Just relax and let it be for the love of God. This media crusade is beggining to really piss me off.

    It's like dropping a nuclear bomb on a country and blaming them for not fixing thier country and economy the next day.

  • Lloyd Sale

    I have always had a playstation ( 1, 2, slim2, & original 3 60GB), however I have already gone out and purchased an xbox 360, however I will still keep the PS3, as the majority of the games I play are on the PS3 format and it would cost a lot to purchase them again for the xbox. I have an extended warranty with PS-PROS for all repairs and I also play my ps2 games on the ps3.
    It is nice to still be able to play on line though, even though it is on the xbox.

  • gabe81

    this doesn’t bug me at all ya it sux but crying about it does NOTHING, sit back watch a movie w/your gf or bf ( I don’t judge ) go to some parties, get arrested do something else w/this time off so in the mean time just SHUT UP, just bought brink, & portal 2 the coop is a blast if you can’t do coop get some REAL friends to play with

  • LaMonster318

    well….still no exact date,but i can wait

  • Jason

    I have been on PS3 since Day 1 release with a 60g, and would class my self as a fan boy (not sure being 36 puts me in the boy section but hey there we go). I am not happy with the network STILL being off, im not happy some hacker has my credit card details and personal informational, im not happy that Sony’s response took so long, and the “updates” are so very vague, with the same information being given each time, just written in different ways, and the main problem being NO DATES !.

    You would expect that one of the world leaders in technology/entertainment would have world class system protection. There is the argument that its free so we cant complain, hmmm i wonder if believers of those would have the same attitude if the hackers were to go shopping with there details. It makes no difference if its free or not, yours and my information has still been stolen!, and would have been even if we were paying (which i personally hope we never do).

    Blame, Sony or the Hackers ?, well both really, back when you could “leave your door open on your street” maybe a similar view was taken by Sony, why would someone hack a games server ? i doubt it, but the point being, someone somewhere will ALWAYS take advantage of an opportunity, in this case the hacker/hackers, i don’t care who they are, and im more angry at them for disrupting so many life’s and causing inconvenience with regards to cancelling cards, waiting for a new one to arrive etc etc, worrying people. If they want to have a pop at Sony, fine have a go, just don’t attack the people who ARE happy to support these corporations, im not brain washed, i love gaming, i think almost every game console out there is extremely clever and i would not know where to begin to even try to invent one. So go take your idealistic thoughts and affect your life, not ours!.

    Ultimately Sony WILL get back on track and be as secure as a nuns chastity belt, until the next gen hacker comes along and breaks codes that are unbreakable, if man makes it man can break it rings true, systems will continues to come under attack as long as we live in our rapidly developing digital lives. Sony has not “lost money” they have just failed to make as much as they could have if the network would have been on, 1.2 billion here, 37 million there,. People, its a very small blip in what is a mega money making company, and if it were i or you making entertain equipment, we would be EXACTLY the same, unless your really are a true tree hugger with dreds and sandals, by the way my dog always mark’s trees, so ya multi coloured stripe woolly top smells like it does because of fido,

    So to conclude one mans rant, Sony, Sort out your Security!, and your customer service, its sucks bad.

    Botherers of corporations, take action if you want to protest, but don’t affect the happy end users.

    Thanks if you got this far

    Jason (worldeater)

  • woody

    i'll be sticking around with the ps3, well coz i cant afford an xbox and plus I dont like xbox, cmon sony i know u can do it! :)

  • Anon Hater

    We are anonymous

    We are douchebags

    We do not have a life

    We do not get laid.

    We will fight for stupid and irrelevant causes

    We have issues

    We will die virgins

  • Mathew Derg

    The only reason I haven’t got a xbox 360 is fact that sony games are better twisted metal infamous 2 uncharted 3. Those are big hitter but this month waiting is crap. But in the end I think sony will make up for it if not they going be a consumer night mare.

  • ColdHeart_Ablaze

    Thats my main concern as well, i think the servers will overload with the sheer volume of people trying to sign in at the same time. all we can do is hope that sony have considered this before putting the network back up.

  • George

    What's the point of every day updates? People are so impatient. Go get an Xbox then.

  • Gee

    A "stupid article"?
    All the article writer is doing is posing the question.
    In your eyes is everyone who is angry with Sony and not going back on PSN as way of protest stupid too? It's about principles. To be honest I lost faith in Sony when they took away the other OS, released an update that rendered some users hardrive upgrade useless (and offered no support) etc.

  • ColdHeart_Ablaze

    if you're that desperate you can play combat training. just go to local - splitscreen - and its just you against bots, its not much but its better than nothing

  • Vert


  • joey

    woody you can trade your ps3 for an xbox at game stop

  • Cizzle

    To be honest im having mixed feeling about the whole thing. People who think sony just doesnt give a crap about there customers are CRAZY of course they do at least in the sence that without us they dont have a company. The customers are everything. I heard that sony lost 1.3 BILLION $ in revenu since the outage thats mind blowing in 3 weeks and every day that passes w no PSN the more they lose, Sony isnt dumb its not like there just sitting around doing nothing not giving posts and not giving a crap about the BILLIONS they are losing I mean get real. Sony wants the network up WAY WAY WAY more than us gamers. Losing 1.3 BILLION and your companys reputation is a much larger loss than a few weeks of onlin gaming. On the other hand i think that sonys lack of security in the first place shows there greed and I am very dissapointed in there lack of communication at least in the last few days. I do reolize its a touchy issue and if they give another date and miss it they risk losing more customers so i really dont know what to think other than i really hope its up soon.. by the way xbox is crap but if they dont get this fixed soon I might not have much of a choise

  • bab1984

    i will wait aslong as it takes and will never get a crapbox as everyone i know thats had one actually had three or four coz of burning out problems. the crapboxes are just as reliable as microsofts crapy pcs witch are riddled with problems to.

  • joel

    Im sick of waiting for sony. I have an xbox too. It is so much better in every way except internet interface. Get on the Xbox and forget your PS3 was anything but a spare bluray player.

  • C,mon Sony

    fuck the pri**box ps3 forever ill just keep completing campaign in the mean time and zombies split screen !

  • Dan B

    Haha very funny

  • Aaron

    Well, I have two PS3 systems and I will stick with them. Mainly because I went to trade them in at the local GameStop and they would not even take them at the moment, said they already have way too many!!!

  • mojofury

    i notice during the hack it was OUR data that was stolen and not sony's? seems they have up to date security on their own money

  • krome8

    Come on Sony. i'm getting the shakesSSS now, A rough date for your sony fans would be nice. Glad to hear your making sure everything will be ok before bringing it back online. keep up the good work

  • Desert Dweller

    It's been tough for me not being able to play online with Borderlands or for my kids and Little Big Planet 2, but I've kept busy with Fallout New Vegas since it's not an online game.

  • SomeoneHoldMe

    The title influences people to think it's okay to make this into such a big deal that they have to get an Xbox. Protesting by not using psn? People who are willing to buy an Xbox is because they have nothing better to do. There's no protest in that. People are just babies who are addicted to online gaming.

  • RV87

    Yes it has been frustrating not being able to game online as thats what i do 99% of the time. However, in the long run it won't send me away. Playstation has always been my console. It is free (although clearly not very secure) but things happen. I blame sony for their lack of security and communication with users but at the end of the day its the nerds hacking thats the problem. If its for fraud then I can see why they do it (money) although obviously dont agree but to just incovenience users is really quite pathetic. They all need to get some.

  • bob

    your all a bunch of junkies, get a fucking life u losers

  • Jay wigle

    Luckily I have both systems gamertag on both networks is Runofthemilljay. I feel they are scared to put it back up till they are 10000% secure. One more fiasco like this and the Sony brand gets hurt and so do their shareholders. This is just not about us the customer, but also about their bottom line. We won’t see it back till their investment is secure, no matter what length of time.

  • OKa

    Im keeping my ps3 just mad about the lack of communication.

  • A Grammar Nazi

    Those quotes from Sony's "Costumers" were appalling. The general public seem to be getting stupider by the day. Maybe it’s just me, but when incorrectly spelt words out number correctly spelt words by more than two to one, I completely disregard whatever the person is trying to say.

    I mean no disrespect to Debbie Turner, but I did find one error outside of the quotes. A single error in an article of this size is still very respectable in my opinion. "Sony has a lot to do to make up for this in gamer’s eyes". The apostrophe should come after the 's' in gamers. When it is before the 's', the subject is the eyes of a single gamer. Gamers', on the other hand, would reference all gamers as a collective.

  • PSN DOWN????

    nope not at all sony broke xbox's record a long time ago, xbox was only down for 2 days in 2007 however the xbl was a bit dodgy for a couple of weeks but gamers could still play online. psn has been down for over 3 weeks and wont be fully restored until 31st may

  • Jamie

    Not necessarily Sandy83.

    XBOX live Gold subscriptions cost about $80 AUD per year. All this money doesn't just get thrown into Bill's wallet. Some of it is used to upgrade the XBOX live service. Including upgrades to server security, data encryption, and the like.

    If somebody gave me a free car, I wouldn't drive it until I was sure it was at least half safe. (ie 4 wheels, and the correct amount of doors). If the accusations I have read in other articles about the PSN servers are correct, they even fall short of the criteria in that analogy.

  • Jamie

    You don't have anything better to do with your own life than leave derogatory comments on articles which fall outside your own interests?

    I pity you.


    sony palystation has been the best invention of all time ive played it and bought games for all 3 consoles from i was a kid well b4 online gaming was even an issue dont cry and wine gamers and just accept that what they are doing is for the best and be patient ffs peace

  • Tony-from-wishaw

    hey another thing any1 played mortal kombat 2011 offline lol i am gonna woop hiney wehn it comes bk on great game

  • Tom

    haha im getting xbox i cant trust sony any more

  • murk

    this is some bull…s ony u messed up bra….

  • James Oglesby

    im never gonna get rid of my ps3 i would rather have 101% security instead of no protection i will admit Sony have made a mistake but hackers are stupid so dont blame Sony Blame the hackers :)

  • debbielt

    lol, to be honest grammar nazi, I did notice the error just as I pressed the 'publish' button and hoped nobody would know. Well spotted!

  • OmnipotentElements

    Sony hurry guy your lossing all your PSN users. Im not going to side with people because people can do what they want but ill wait its fine by me people that hate on Sony shut up dont comment just go to X-Box Sony users im happy that you will continue to wait but dont hate on the Sony haters because the more you do the more they will hate so just no one talk untill Sony puts out a massage. I know my voice wont be heard but please Sony hurry I will wait

  • P$NuserBLaH8LaHBLaH

    I dont think it was hackers(that took P$N down), if you do the research you would know that $ony had just finished building a new data-storage facility and it cost quite alot.
    so that got me thinking…….how would they update a huge network user base, without disrupting 1 country at a time??? mabey do them all at once? but that would take about 15days to do that tho, and they would'nt be able to inform people, due to P$N users complaning about almost anything………(wich is in our right, as paying consumers)

  • P$NuserBLaH8LaHBLaH

    and then it dawned on me, the best way for them to recoop any $$ loss from the new storage facility would be to sell user detals to marketing firms…..but thats illeagal………if you get caught.
    But with all this "GEOHOT" activity and the amount of threats made at $ony over said events and a large and well known hacker group (ANON) warning them "to watch out" they have the smoke screen needed to cover all there problems…..The timing of this series of events is just to suspect
    I might be parranoid I might be crazy, but i know I'm on to something here
    Please distribute this "theory" and watch peoples reactions, i've only told few people this and they all agree that it is suspicious to say the least.

  • Suysb

    I applaud your loyalty friend

  • BLaH8LaHBLaH (again)

    I just heard they "might" be making us pay for P$N after the re-boot… is that all about????
    this had better not be true $ony, you'll never get any of us back with dirty move like that. Not me anyway thats for sure, they can't even give us a secure network, why should we pay to play
    "pay to play = retarded gay"

  • Mattbob

    I love my PS3 But Xbox is looking better and better. I Just wish they would keep updating so we would have at lest some info to keep us up to date on how the relaunch is going. Still hanging on tho. the only reason i have internet is for my PS. What about my full month of wasted money.

  • Pat

    I think that i'll ride out the life of my PS3, and when it dies that'll be the last piece of sony i'll ever own again. Not only is sony over priced, obviously they are not customer oriented. with sony charging so much for their products and such a range of products they should have the $$ resources to put forth a campaign to keep their customers both informed and satisfied in the mean time.

  • A guy

    well if Sony does go with the staggered return of services that might help somewhat if they return some of the less important things first like just logging in to your account rather then having it so people sign in and at the same time offer the free game downloads in the store which would most likely overwhelm the servers with so much information all at once of people signing in and downloading the games.

  • Ihatexbox

    what a stupid article…
    of course ill be going back to my ps3…
    you know why they wont hack microsoft?
    because who cares about xbox…
    theres nothing special about them… why hack it?
    seriously xbox is for people who likes "copied" things…
    "pirated" come may call it…

    PS: xbox kinect is still ugly…. so laggy and inefficient…

  • xboxscks

    ur stupid kid…
    u dunno nothing about this story…
    offline ps3 is still better than "PAY A LOT TO PLAY ONLINE" xbox live…

    the hacker that did this…
    is the one that sum players are thanking for… "many different reasons"

    go buy ur "xbox"
    haha!! and be one of the people who likes "copied" gameplay…
    no originality watsoever…

  • Ahsley

    ps3 online is nothing cvompared to xbox online, take it from me, i have both. an offline ps3 is better than an offline xbox, but xbox live beats psn by miles, with or without the hacking situation. If you havent owned both a ps3 and xbox and had online with both of them then dont say anything bad like you know what youre talking about.

  • maddog

    we want double cod points for two weeks plus we want them again when escalation maps come out on june 3rd. we want a fixed date posted as to when psn will be accessable .we also want to see a personal apology and explanation in our psn inbox along with a welcome back pack with 2 good games not no cheap shit that they bought out specialy for this circumstance for example worms armagedon. if they manage that ill forget the fact ive lost nearly three prestiges over the weeks and continue playing happily.oh yea annonomous can take that 1 british pound out my bank and buy themselfs a life fuckin pathetic little nerds piss me off go choke on a dogs bollox cock and die

  • jim

    i would rather they spent their time on restoring the system, than on telling us the same thing every day, let alone twice a day

  • BLaH8LaHBLaH (again)

    Any one know the location of this new data-center? is it in japan. Could all the disasters there have something to do with the waiting we've all sufferd… many questions…… no f***'n answers. come on PHoNY give us something better then "a few more days" and "the end of the month"(wich is the same thing they said last month) we gave u our $$$$, give us some strait answers, mayby a live 24h forum. something would be better then the b*ll's up our a**'s we're gettin now…. ,.|.. o_O ..|., <== 2 fingers for you'r HR & PR departments 1 each…… all this pc gaming is giving me carpel tunnel are u gonna pay may DR.s bills. I almost went outside today =-GASP-= c= dX_Xb

  • Gareth

    I'm still very frustrated I can't play Black Ops online but I'm really enjoying the opportunity to play games like Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood which is fantastic and doesn't need to be played online. People easily forget that this is how video games used to be played before we had online multiplayer!

  • Michael - sony <3

    'thatexbox' true comment - xbox360 is just a copy of ps3 in my eyes and to be honest i have always loved the ps3 - and this happened to microsoft a while back… do remember that ps3 offers alot more than xbox360 - and to be perfectly honest the whole system of xbox fails.. like even the controller i find weird to be perfectly honest… who agrees?


    jamas cambiaria PSN por 360…. eso seria la estupides mas grande…100% fiel a PSN…. PS3 es la mejor consola del mundo, igual juego offline…. igual me divierto

  • C-threat

    I would be back. I now have an xbox on the side and have a ps3. So i could always switch off. WOO HOOO!!

  • nicholas

    some people have no lives if they cant be patient enough to alow sony to update and and make the system better so it wont happen again would you rather have a few days of online play and have it be hacked again or allow them to do what they need to ensure it wont happen again. ofcourse they are doing the best they can they are losing customers because of this but i do agree with they should be posting updates EVERYDAY i would like to know whats going on and when they expect it to be back online but just be patient everyone

  • Louise Ellen Bungard-jones

    im really pissed of about psn being down,,,so me and my otha have got an xbox lol ,,xbox is crap really miss the playstation :(

  • Cosmo

    Looks like the only ones angry or complaining are the ones who has no life…..

  • waughzy

    i'll be sticking with the psn. They might of been hacked but they are still by far the best in the way of offline and online gameing. And you can now guarantee that after what happened to the psn will make microsoft have a think about there security that cause them to have to go offline and all thos that have gone from psn to Xbox will end haveing to wait agen for microsoft to sort theres out.

  • jay

    i'll follow you and find out, lol

  • Kessler616

    i agree with almost everyone who's posted on this site , and will be one of many users who will remain on the psn network although sonys lack of information is infuriating, id rather not have to pay microsoft to go online , also it dosent help that redeemable codes purchased a day before psn went down get to sit around gathering dust . and even when i contacted the sony call centre when my Ps3 died without warning i was given the same kind of feed back they're dishing out on thier blog, all in all though i am not angry with sony just disappointed , and whoever is responsible should be shot in my eyes , some may say thats a bit harsh but i enjoy the thought of capital punishment.

  • Tonio

    this is shity we should have the right to know when the psn will be back on and not a made up date. if psn is not on by the 30th of may im done with this shit im going to xbox 360 idc if i have to pay to play. at least we are playing with pur freinds and not haveing to wait. srry sony if its not on by the 30th im leaving this shity network and im sure alot other will to.

  • anonymous

    We are the legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget. Will they try to stop us? Probable but will never have success.


    Lol. PPL dont need online gaming to entertain dem. if dey go 2 xbox then dey just sad