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Sony PSN Causes Rise In Second-Hand PS3′s

May 12, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Sony’s PSN outage still relentlessly carries on with many gamers now wondering whether it is indeed worth staying with Sony’s brand. Many of you have, judging by our readers comments, decided to opt for another gaming alternative, mainly that of Microsoft’s Xbox 360. We have asked whether you think the delays are justified, told you about how the Senator first reacted to the Sony news, Debbie here at OSM reported today on some of the comments that we have had, and if you will come back to the PSN, and last but not least how we could actually appreciate the PSN and lessons learnt.

Since the downtime started on the 20th April, we have been astonished by the overwhelming response we have had to our questions. Today an article we found has reported that PS3 trade-ins have risen to an all time high in light of the outage. According to, games mag “Edge” has also stated that PSN point card sales have dropped and that consumers are actually buying other forms of gaming consoles.

In fact when we delved a little closer, it was reported that although sales of the PS3 console were not greatly affected during the first week of outage, the situation is now somewhat different. One store has seen “an increase of over 200% on PS3 consoles being traded in, split almost 50/50 between those trading for cash and those taking a 360 instead.”

The question of online gaming and whether it will now be on its “last legs” is something that caught our eye over on Since the outage and the problem of personal information being targeted, have many of you just ditched the idea of online gaming altogether? Perhaps you feel that this wont be the first or last time that we experience the same if not worse situation?

Let us know your thoughts? Have you indeed traded in your PS3 and for what? Or are you happy to wait for the service to resume? Can Sony ever come back from this?

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  • Willard Rube Jackson

    Does it suck that PSN is down? Yes! Will I trade in my PS3 for a piece of junk Xbox? I don't think so!

  • Yoroichi


  • The Dude

    First comment of the day as to be a fanboy comment, great!

  • http://idonthave SFaa7__UAE

    You want all back to ps3 plz back the ‎​Server for all back . Play ps3 :D ,,, plzz back the ‎​Server i want play :’(

  • http://idonthave SFaa7__UAE

    Ps3 the best :d

  • Dweller

    I use my PS3 for watching recorded TV and watching movies. Non of the streaming services in the UK are up to much yet. So its not really upsetting me for 95% of what we use it for. Majority of my games are offline anyway.

    Jumping ship to the 360 wouldn't help, its probably the next network the hackers will attack so its safer sticking with Sony as that will have hardened their network against attack.

  • tam m

    playstation will come back with a bang just you wait and see hang on a bit longer it will be worth the wait xbox wont stand a chance cmon sony get us back online please