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Google IO Giveaways 2011: Galaxy Tab 10.1 & Chromebook

May 12, 2022 | Tim Ollason

There are many events held around the world for different manufacturers and companies that are pretty popular with developers and consumers such as Apple’s WWDC and the gaming world’s E3 conference. There’s one other in particular where they are particularly generous to the people that attend.

It’s Google’s event the Google IO where the giveaways are pretty amazing, so far this year we have seen the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 given away and today we have heard that the 5,000 attendees were given the new Chromebook PCs.

In the past Google products have been used as freebees at the likes of GDC where a Motorola Xoom was also on the cards but this year with the two products both being pretty new it’s pretty amazing. We first learned of the freebees through Slashgear’s Chris Burns where he tells us that whilst the Chromebooks aren’t quite ready for release yet the people in attendance will be contacted saying that they can claim their device “very, very soon.”

When we first learned of the Google IO event we were able to reveal that the tickets were sold out within a single hour and that last year’s event there was EVO 4Gs given away, that helped to ease the $450 ticket price!

What do you think about the giveaways from Google? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • paulaoneal

    Amazon A3 service (network of servers supposedly built like the Titanic) recently had a major outage for an entire day. Also, in the past I've accidentally deleted a chuck of my emails from my Gmail account. There was no one from Google would help me to retrieve my email, and frankly I don't think they care.